Heart to Heart Q&A: The Ever-Glowing Maani

Doha Style starts a series of interviews with talents and creatives from every field to talk beyond their profession’s technical aspects to talk to us Heart to Heart.
In this episode of the Heart to Heart series, we have talked to Maani, a beautiful Sudanese model who lives in Al Ain, UAE.

Tibyan Fareed – A Fascinating Journey

Tibyan Fareed is a 35-year-old Sudanese entrepreneur who started her brand “Masayer” seven years ago. It stemmed from a hobby, which gradually turned into an avid interest in painting.

Sammany Hajo: The Voice Of Sudan

It is impossible not to have heard of this multitalented guy who is so many things all at once. Sammany Hajo is a self-taught Sudanese 24-year-old music producer and a songwriter.