Afaq, the Artist Who Can Do It All

Whoever said that a disabled person could never be successful clearly has never met multitalented people like Afaq. This inspirational individual singlehandedly beat multiple professionals in multiple competitions and exhibitions for art and photography. That isn’t all- Afaq is also well known for being a headstrong human rights advocate and will do anything to resolve conflict, which is evident from her title of a justice educator.

Personal Life

Afaq is Philly-based and claims that they have these grandfather-like tendencies that are apparent when anyone meets them. Afaq was born in Yemen from Sudanese parents and considers themselves to be a global citizen of their own country. Afaq never turns away from injustice. She immensely headstrong and do Her best to show disapproval through her work.

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This black, Darfuri, Muslim individual has proven that anyone can do amazing things. They are autistic, and in early 2020, Afaq became chronically ill with an undiagnosed sickness. The illness left her disabled, but that did not bring her down. Afaq became an inspiration to everyone in a wheelchair. She taught people that being disabled doesn’t keep one from creating masterpieces.


Afaq calls herself a human rights advocate and a justice educator who seeks to love the world until it loves them back. These strong opinions and beliefs result in persistency and determination to bring change. But what makes Afaq stand out compared to other human rights activists? She utilizes their skills to create magnificent works of art that tell stories of all sorts.

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With her poetry and photography, Afaq aims to paint a picture. A picture that describes how people are persecuted; it displays the hardships they have to face and the way these people in dire situations feel. She wants people who read her work and view her photography to be transported in a realm where the pictures she painted come to life and encapsulate the viewer, forcing them to feel the way those very people who are being persecuted feel.

Afaq hopes that when people feel this way because of her work, they are incentivized to become human rights activists just like them. They hope that these people take a stand and help those in need as much as they can. Being a justice educator, she will continue to do so until the world can love them back just as much, and she loves it.

These stories come from different ideas, and many revolve around her strong beliefs regarding human rights or illnesses. Afaq’s work touches people and has even caused a few to tear up. They bring back the real magic behind art and photography in the form of a visual activist.

Awards and achievements

Afaq has countless awards and achievements for the work that she has presented, even amidst a chronic illness. She is an award-winning international poet who showcases her literacy skills, a museum exhibiting photographer who proves her outstanding photography, and a visual activist who proves that her dedication is worthwhile and must be given attention to.

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Afaq’s qualifications are so high that she was asked to coach the Temple CUPSI and Philly Brave New Voices Poetry teams. Under Afaq’s leadership, the teams went as far as the international championships. She is also quite impressive at poetry slams. Afaq is a qualifier at Woman of the World Poetry Slam, a FEMS champion, a Philadelphia Pigeon Slam champion, a Watering Hole Fellow, a Women’s Mobile Museum fellow for their art, and a recipient of the Leeway Transformation Award for Creating Art and Social Change.


When it comes to collaborating with multiple brands, Afaq steals the spotlight. Her poetry and photography have been exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Gallery, the Colored Girls Museum, and the Barnes Foundation Museum, which shows how loved and sought after her work is.

Afaq has also appeared in films. She appeared in Netflix’s “We Are One,” “Togæther,” “Black History Untold,” and several other projects, including “Auaati—Leonie Pernet.” Their multiple talents are evident- a true master of every kind of art. Afaq has also collaborated with well-known organizations such as Pen America, Beautycon Media, and the United Nations. At the United Nations, their work was selected as the “Top 20” of participating artists, which is truly commendable.

Afaq credits these achievements to constantly disregarding a defeatist attitude, maintaining positive behavior, not letting people bring her down, and never giving up even at their worst. They inspire people to continuously get out there and constantly achieve their dreams and passions even if a few hurdles come up. If someone who did nothing but good could continue to do wonders and be an inspiration, anyone can achieve great things while making a difference in the community.

Despite the tragedy, persecution, chronic illness, and unrequited love of the world, Afaq continues using performance, poetry, writing, film, and photography to unlearn and dismantle all forms of oppression.

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