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The Artist who Defined Our Childhood: Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim

Have you ever delved into the talented individuals who create the pictures and illustrations on these mesmerizing stories that now unlock those deep memories in your brain when they are mentioned? Do you know about the amount of love these beautiful people have in their hearts for children worldwide? These men and women turn the joy of children into their career and end up leading such heart-warming lives while leaving behind legacies that are imprinted onto our minds. One of these individuals was Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim.

Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim was a painter, designer and artist, born and raised in Sudan. He began his route to art from the University of Sudan, where he studied painting. He decided that that is what he wanted to pursue and went on to obtain a master’s degree from the Moscow State Academic art Institute in easel painting. He travelled continents to be able to receive the education that he now has. These things display the dedication this man had to perfect his skills to create something that would inspire.

After he received his master’s degree, he was determined to reproduce his knowledge through other minds and began teaching younger people. He had taught art at multiple places, including universities and research centers, to fulfill this purpose, attempting to leave his legacy in both his physical work and his students’ minds.


Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim believed that children’s stories must help the younger generation develop a love for reading. Most children are unable to read, so they rely on pictures and illustrations to understand the story. With time they begin to realize that words can allow them to paint these pictures without needing a picture at all. The art in children’s books causes curiosity to arise amongst these young minds and builds the will to learn. As a result, picture artists are highly reputable and play an essential part in an individual’s life in their youth.

Awards and honours

Alaeldin’s work was loved by many. His work brought life to stories, and one could create their own stories just by looking at them. You could easily spend hours staring at one of his illustrations and get lost in your imagination by making up a small story.

This fantastic skill is the reason he managed to accumulate a series of awards. One of the most notable prizes is when he secured the second prize at the 16th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations in 2008.

Along with this, he began holding art workshops for children to help them learn to create beautiful works of art and find their passion. He participates in a range of workshops and exhibitions both in and outside Sudan that includes other held many solo exhibitions of his own works.

A memorable man

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Even the most remarkable painters like Da Vinci had to see their last day. After COVID-19 reached its peak, the old Alaeldin caught the virus as well. After days of struggle, Alaeldin had to say goodbye to all his fans, but his memory survives.
Alaeldin may no longer be with us physically, but he will always be alive in our hearts. His illustrations and artwork will sing the melodies that encapsulated us as children. Whenever someone opens a picture book with his work in it, they will be filled with nostalgia and remember his effort and dedication to art and how it was a beautiful period of their childhood.

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