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Concerns Raised About the Safety of a New Anti-Aging Cosmetic

A debate has erupted over an anti-aging cosmetic sold by one of the largest cosmetic businesses in the United States. This company manufactures anti-wrinkle creams that use nanotechnology, which is the use of nano particles that can be absorbed deeper into the skin than other types of similar creams that employ normal sized particles.

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According to the Food and Drug Administration, not enough research was conducted on this anti-aging product that is making such a stir among individuals who use it. With all of the new technology being employed in the cosmetics industry, the FDA believes that there should be restrictions in place, just as there are for drugs. They are concerned about the long-term repercussions of utilizing anything that penetrates the skin cells too soon. Could it also enter the bloodstream, and if so, what will it do? The FDA is looking for answers.

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Some argue that the fear stems from jealousy of this company’s innovative process, and hence the larger competitors are working hard to create a similar anti-aging cosmetic that is equally capable of penetrating deep into the skin swiftly. These other cosmetic companies are developing their own versions of nanotechnology, but they are referring to the same process under various labels. One of the ingredients of these creams is nothing more than Vitamin C.

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The cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association issued its own declarations assuring everyone who uses these goods that any anti-aging cosmetic has been extensively tested. They wanted the world to know that cosmetic consumers were just as valuable as people who had prescriptions, and that they would never release a product without comprehensive testing.

In any case, as the baby boomers continue to age, the need for a good anti-aging cosmetic, or perhaps a number of them, grows louder. The average baby boomer is between the ages of fifty and sixty, and they are far more mindful of their appearance as they age than their parents’ generation.

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