Body Language: Signs of Love

How can you tell if someone is already madly in love with you? A person’s body language can reveal his or her true feelings and intentions to you. A person in love exudes a certain glow whenever he or she is with that special someone, but what are the other signs?

You will notice that a person is already falling for you if he can’t stand being away from you, gives more smiles and laughter, mirrors your actions, can’t take his eyes off you, and has that certain glow.

Personal Space and Distance

A person who is madly in love with you will go to great lengths to get closer to you. When a person becomes comfortable with you even from a short distance, you will know that his or her personal space has shrunk. And keep in mind that in a crowded room, he will always try to stay close to you.

That person would also lean towards you, whether seated or standing. His or her body would always be turned towards you. If not, the direction of her gaze will reveal who is on her mind.

More touch, smiles, and laughter

A person who is falling for you will listen to you more and thus react more than he or she did on your first dates. Even the cheesiest jokes would elicit more laughter. Smiling is unavoidable while talking, especially during silence. This is because that person is thoroughly enjoying his or her time with you.

He or she would also touch you from time to time. Some of the most common touching body language in falling in love is a tap on the shoulder, placing one’s hand on the small of the back, hugging, and holding hands.

The Mirroring Actions

Because it is done unconsciously the majority of the time, this is a funny yet very sweet signal of attraction. This is where a person would imitate the actions of that special person. For example, if you prop your chin on your hand, the person in love with you will do the same.

The Longer the Stare

A person who is in love with you simply cannot take his gaze away from you. He or she would have difficulty concentrating on other things, especially if the feeling had just begun to develop. The stare is usually intimate or intense, and it is accompanied by a slight smile.

That Certain Glow

When a person is in love and happy, he or she emits an aura that is inexplicable. It is due to the extreme happiness and joy emanating from within, which is well-reflected by a sparkle in the eyes and a hard-to-remove smile from the face.

When a person falls in love, he or she changes completely, and this is reflected in his or her body language. Some people fail to notice this, but the signs are undeniably present. The individual is even unaware that he is already giving hints and clues about his true feelings for that special someone. Most people can’t miss them, and they’d love to receive these signals of deep attraction delivered through silence but delivered by simple romantic actions and gestures.

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