DJ Moma Doha Style

DJ Moma – A Man Reshaping The Music Industry

His style is a mixture of numerous things that include but are not limited to hip-hop, afro-beats, disco, and underground dance grooves. These are all then all combined with modern sounds, some rare, and some classic gems. In a short time, DJ Moma has made a name for himself both inside and outside the USA.

Start of a Journey

DJ Moma realized how he could mix and match music according to his style and need when he was given a job at a bar to play for them every Saturday. Over there, he was able to learn how to combine underground music with a party crate.

DJ Moma is sometimes termed “as the champion” when it comes to Diasporic and African music. He was able to draw inspiration to channel African music with his sister’s aid somewhere around 2005. After attending a Tuesday party night, it was meant for Africans that his interest in African music was piqued. The original African brothers who were on stage played “coupé décalé.”

This event was the turning point for DJ Moma, who then started composing African songs while giving them his modernism taste. After that event, DJ Moma started playing sets of music in other languages. As a result, he could garner tremendous support from his sister, her friends, and others alike.

DJ Moma is known for experimenting with different forms of music in order to create the perfect masterpiece. From experimenting with “South African” and “Angolan” music to initiating “Everyday Afrique” in 2014, he has become a music sensation.

A Rising Star

What defines excellent stars is the kind of mindset they have. DJ Moma is not someone who is attracted to materialistic items such as wealth or property. He believes in putting his safety first before everything else.

When Covid-19 started, he purposefully left New York and went to South Africa owing to the lack of protective measures that were in place to protect citizens from the pandemic. He talks of South Africa had entered “a severe lockdown” and wished that the United States of America would have endeavored to do the same to safeguard its citizens.

Additionally, during DJ Moma’s time in isolation, he was able to make an EP along with three to four remixes with the help of a producer in Cape Town called “XDizzle,” who is available on Youtube. It was with his help that DJ Moma was also able to try the “Amapiano” style.

He appreciates the effort people put into hearing his work; this itself is a very humble thing to do. He is also able to take criticism and doesn’t stick to just one style of music. Still, he keeps experimenting further to provide a positive insight into his humble and kind personality.

DJ Moma Doha Style

DJ Moma – A Glimpse of Positivity

Some artists try to make their music set across different continents without paying attention to what the locals and nationals prefer. DJ Moma recognizes this, and therefore he tries his utmost best to exercise due diligence when he visits other countries. He does this to find out what the people over there like.

He believes that every country has its own “vibe,” and one should follow and stick to it. For instance, when it comes to Kenya, people over there love Pop music, and therefore artists such as Rihanna are particularly famous.

However, when it comes to South Africa, once the “Amapiano” and “Gqom” finish, they prefer some soulful music instead.

It all depends on the country and the people that reside there. DJ Moma has identified this, and he tries to act upon it. This is what gives him an added benefit over others.

Of course, not everyone has the same routine or an identical work ethic. However, since the pandemic has caused outrage globally, DJ Moma has strived to bring about some positivity and change in the environment with his songs and remixes. He has many things that he wants his fanbase to look out for, such as “mOmaPiano EP,” his remixes with “Adeline,” “Gaida,” and “Projexx” that have already released, his “Pan Africa” mixtapes, and much more.

DJ Moma Doha Style

Coming to DJ Moma’s playlists, a few of them are:

“Tekno — Duro”: This ins DJ Moma’s opinion, is an excellent blend of sophistication and composition that he wishes to share with the world.

“Luedji Luna & mOma+Guy — Banho de Folhas Remix”: It would be no surprise when DJ Moma says that he adores Luedji Luna. When he saw her perform during his visit to “Salvador de Bahia,” he was taken aback. A year later, he was able to have a remix with Guy, and up till now, it has been his favorite production piece.

“Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa – Alalahi”: This is a tune that DJ Moma doesn’t play in South Africa owing to the lack of popularity it received there. However, when he goes to other places such as the States, he is certainly looking forward to playing this magnificent track.

DJ Moma has inspired everyone by the courage, strength, and humility he possesses. He is an icon, and time and time again, he has so proven it to be the case. He focuses on what his audience likes, – analyzes the places he will be performing, and is not afraid to try something new. His followers cherish him, and his fanbase continues to increase with each passing day.

DJ Moma’s Instagram: @djmoma

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Photographs By: Sali Mudawi (@saliphotog)

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