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Doha Style Heart to Heart Q&A Series: Shaza Farah

What’s your name?

Shaza Farah

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Toronto, Canada on December 18, 1997

Where are you currently based?

Barcelona, Spain

Where did you go to school?

Abu Dhabi International Private School

What did you study in uni and where?

I majored in Human Resources Management with a minor in Law at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada

Who was the most influential person to you as a child?

I feel like as a child there isn’t really anyone besides my parents that can be ‘influential’, at least for me. I looked up to my mother a lot, because I was the youngest and very close to her, so she was definitely the most influential person to me as a child.

Who was the most significant influence in your career?

I would say there is more than one person that influenced my career, but one person that comes to mind that isn’t really conventional would be Bretman Rock. I’ve been watching him since he was making old Instagram videos and tutorials in his bedroom and I loved him because in a way his character sort of resembles mine. He’s goofy, funny, loves makeup, and also doesn’t care what other people think. I’m still working on the last part, but everything else resembles me in a way and I related to him and that’s why he influenced me significantly.

What is your definition of “happiness”?

Happiness is very subjective, and honestly as each day passes by, my definition of happiness changes. One day it’s being surrounded by family and the ones you love, other days it’s having a family and successful career, and other days it’s living in my dream country with my best friends. The more I think about it, the more it changes, but I think the bottom line is that happiness is whatever makes you feel safe and content with yourself and your life.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

This may sound cheesy to some, because social media is always perceived negatively and considered stupid, but I hit 200k followers on Tiktok and I feel very proud of that. It is my biggest platform and I am so blessed to have followers that would actually want to follow me and my content. I’m proud of it and I am forever grateful. 

What is the memorable lesson you have learned in life?

Be kind and live everyday to the fullest.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Makeup! Bet you didn’t expect that. But aside from that, I love going to the beach, and I really love hanging out with my friends. I value the time I spend with my friends a lot, and I love doing it whenever I (and they) can.

Who is the most influential female figure in your life, and Why?

My mother, of course. Like I previously mentioned, I’m the youngest, and I have quite the age gap with my sisters. Growing up, they were away in University, and I only had my mom. We grew very close, and in a way I am like her. She’s compassionate, caring, funny, yet assertive. She made me and my sisters her top priority, and always made sure that we were happy. She taught me A LOT about life, and so to be half the woman she is would be my greatest accomplishment. 

 What is the one thing you wish people knew about you?

That I’m extremely goofy. The reason I like to be goofy is because I like making people laugh. So a lot of the time, I’m not serious (I can be when I want to be), and that may come off as immature, but really it’s just my goofy personality. 

What was your favorite activity during quarantine?

Practicing makeup! About a month after quarantine began, I launched my beauty journey on Tiktok and Instagram. That’s when I started to take my makeup seriously and really try to get out there because I love doing it so much. In a way, I’m grateful that quarantine happened, because if it didn’t, I don’t know if I would have been comfortable enough to do it. 


I don’t consider myself a professional makeup artist, and so I’ve never done makeup shoots nor do I know how to prepare for them.

What is your skin type? Do you have any skin concerns?

Oily acne-prone skin. I can’t stress how oily my skin is, and how VERY acne-prone it is. I break out all the time. I have tons of acne scars. Funny enough, I don’t even know what works for me. I just go with the flow and see how my skin reacts the next day. 

Are you a licensed SFX makeup arits? Do you plan to?

No, I am not a licensed SFX makeup artist, and don’t plan on being one. SFX makeup is not really my thing, and it doesn’t appeal to me.

Who is your support system?  

My friends! I genuinely believe that without their constant love and support, I would not be where I am today. Their encouragement is what made me consistent and work hard.

How would your best friends describe you?

My best friend was actually right next to me when I was reading the interview questions, and she said she would like to answer it. So here you go:

First of all, I don’t think you can be described in any amount of words because it will never be enough to capture the essence of who you are but I’ll try my best. You’re the most determined person I know that has accomplished so much in so little time. Your drive and will-power have led you to succeed in anything you put your mind to but despite this you remain so down-to-earth and soft-hearted. Watching you grow and seeing these qualities evolve has been so inspiring. A charismatic queen who lights up any room and always leaves an impression on anyone that has crossed her path. I also have to stress that you’re the funniest baddie I know who doesn’t take shit from anyone but never loses her grace and composure. There’s never a dull moment with you because you’re truly unlike anyone else. A lovable little cookie.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everyone! There isn’t just *one* person that inspires me. I get my inspiration from many different people I see online, and always make sure to credit them.

Share something you would like the world to know about you?

I want to move to and live in Japan for the rest of my life (also learn the language, of course).

What one piece of advice would you give any aspiring makeup artist reading this?

NEVER give up. Invest in yourself because practice makes perfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I get a lot of questions, especially when I go live on Tiktok, from my followers asking how I got so good at makeup or how they can get better. It took me a long time, and I’m STILL learning. One year from now I am going to be better than I am today. It is so important to practice, and always be open to learning and taking constructive criticism. Tutorial videos and practicing is what helps me. I can’t stress it enough, but practice really does make perfect. 

What is the best lighting setup for makeup artists?

Ring lights! 

What are the pros of being a makeup artist 

That you get to be creative and create art in your own way that represents you. Not to mention the amount of people you meet in your makeup journey. Makeup is limitless and that personal art of yours can get you access to so many different opportunities. You meet someone online who happens to be a photographer and likes your work, and next thing you know you’re collaborating and you’ve reached a wider audience that sees your work. It’s great and it also feels great.

Tell Me What Do You Love Most About Makeup?

The creativity that you come up with. I often shock myself with the makeup I do sometimes, and it makes me love it even more. So, the talent that comes with being a makeup artist is really rewarding (personally). You get to see yourself grow and watch your progress, and be proud of yourself.

Are there common beauty mistakes that women make?

A few come to mind. Not putting on primer or moisturizing before applying makeup, not setting your concealer, and not using setting spray!

What is the one product you can’t work without?

There isn’t just one. I wish there was! There are many I can’t work without. Concealer, blush, lashes, lip gloss, and baking powder!

What are the makeup Items no woman should leave home without?

Again, there is more than one product. I feel like any woman that can choose just one is lucky. I think it’s impossible to choose! I always carry my lip products, blush, and baking powder (because my skin is very oily and needs to be retouched at all times!). 

How old were you when you became obsessed with makeup?

Around 19 or 20. I was interested in makeup in my teenage years (around 14-15), but never took it seriously or started to become obsessed until I was much older.

Explain to Me What Is The Difference Between Applying Makeup For A Tv Shoot And Applying Makeup For A Live Appearance Party?

I don’t know. I don’t consider myself that much of a professional to know the difference. 

Tell Me What Is The Most Important Beauty Advice That You Can Give To Women?

Don’t try to fit in to society’s beauty standards because they are *extremely* unrealistic. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable in YOUR skin. Whether or not that includes applying makeup, do what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

How Do I Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick?

It depends on your skin tone. Bright reds suit fair-skin toned and dark skin toned people. For medium skin tones, like myself, a bright yet deep red suits them the most. 

Tell Me What’s Your Favorite Makeup Brush?

For eyes, the morphe M506 brush, and for face, the Molly O’brien Bee M013 brush.

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