Enas Suleiman – A Rising Sensation!

A budding yet powerful voice from Sudan, Enas Suleiman is a poet who leaves her readers and listeners deeply moved by her influential writings and unique poetic expressions, where she manifests her art strongly and imaginatively. Her poems reflect various themes ranging from grief, love, patience, and compassion. Feminism, faith, injustice and social change have also been recurring themes in her writings. She can translate her emotions well into words that leave a lasting impression in people’s hearts. 

Her Inspiration and Artistry

For Enas, inspiration can come from all around her. Random conversations, life events,  a photograph can be an inspiration. While writer’s block can be a frustrating hurdle for her, she believes pressuring oneself to write will fail to bring out the artistry and craftiness behind writing. 

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Writing styles and themes:

Enas’s inspiration to write captivatingly comes from the fact that she does not follow a single pattern or constrain herself to a particular way of writing. She thinks that writers should be brave enough to submit and share the work they believe would connect with others. Hence, she expects the writing and publishing industry to be more embracive and encouraging of those that don’t fit in a box. 

The poet writes about themes mainly reflective of love and loss. In addition to these, she writes compellingly about other themes as well. Being a second-generation immigrant and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), she expresses her love for her native country and the experiences she and her family have encountered. Her words voice out the sentiments of people who have been through the same emotions and give them a sense of belonging. 

Through her words, she powerfully conveys her feelings regarding her religion and faith and has been vocal about the pressing issues faced by women and children. 

About Tidal Waves

Enas Suleiman’s first book, Tidal Waves, was published in the UK in 2019. A short poetry collection dedicated to her father who passed away of cancer, the book is an unfeigned expression of love, loss, and hope that encapsulates the grieving stages through her gripping poems. Tidal Waves is a celebration of life and the immortalization of loving memories of her father. She believes in continuing the legacy left by him - a legacy of altruism, compassion, virtue, and living life to the fullest.

Other Publications

Enas has authored enormous poems, and some have been successfully published on digital platforms and in print. She has also performed her poetry on different platforms across Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Her poem about Female Genital Mutilation was featured alongside 42 international female poets, in the Woman Scream anthology, under the theme “Who’s screaming for you?”, where it was written in honor of children and collateral victims of femicides. 

Two other poems, “Weight” and “Dust,” were collectively featured on The Blue Nib, which provides a space for new and emerging writers worldwide. 

“Silent Birds,” ”Ribbons,” “Time,” and “Summer Suns” are some more poems by the author featured on other digital platforms, including Foreign Literary, Rigorous, and Open Arts Forum. 

Enas as the co-founder of Nas With Notepads

Enas Suleiman is one of six founding members of Nas With Notepads. It is a non-profit poetry community that provides an open platform for youth to express themselves freely without judgment and promotes artistic expression for the mutual growth of poets and writers. 

Nas With Notepads (NWN) have organized open mic events in Sudan since it was first established in 2011 providing exuberant poets with a safe and cozy atmosphere to promote the culture of spoken word poetry. Over the years, the NWN community have also participated in various events and spaces such as 100 Thousand Poets for Change. With the ongoing pandemic, NWN has broadcasted events on Instagram Live.

Enas Suleiman has shown the importance of connecting to readers through her poems and how allowing us to cry, laugh, and feel whatever emotions come to us during our journeys of grief, can also be beautiful. In a short period, she has been able to write enough to captivate her audience and enfold them in the beauty of her words. Emerging as a strong, passionate, and vocal poet and author, she inspires other aspiring writers and poets to come forward and express themselves in their convincing styles.

Enas posts her writing regularly on Instagram @enas.sul1

Photo By: @_ibrahimhamad

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