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Esra Elamin: the Talented Visual Artist

Esra Elamin Doha style

Esra Elamin Doha style


They wanted a place to welcome all unorthodox ideas with no judgment to hinder their efforts. With five other founding members, this became known as the Hub, a platform to raise awareness and elevate the Sudanese community in art and different social aspects. An idea that took birth in the most creative of platforms and gave leeway to creativity in Sudan.


Esra Elamin is a student at the University of Khartoum (Uofk), studying for a degree in Information Technology (IT) from the faculty of Mathematical Science (FMS). Before enrolling for a degree in IT, Esra spent her time at Fujaira Islamic Scientific Academy. She later went on to study at Fujaira Fine Art Academy. During her time in various institutes, she worked hard while polishing her talents and interest on the way.

Esra and the Hub Sudan

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Since its revolution in December, social activists and artists around Sudan have worked hard to make it better consistently. One of the artists is Esra Elamin herself. The hub Sudan serves to introduce an idea of a creative atmosphere. Their motto is “by Sudanics, for Sudan” is a wonderful way of showing loyalty and affection for their country in hopes of giving it a better future. In January of 2020, a group of talented individuals gathered at a cafe for a normal evening. Asim Mohammad, an architect; Dr. Alaa Mohammad, Mohammad Omar, a graphic designer, and Esra Elamin, an artist; and Ayman Alnour, the marketing specialist. Later they were also joined by Rayana Hamad.

With the diverse talent present that day, the group decided to use these talents and create a platform completely dedicated to unorthodox creativity with zero hindrance and judgment. This would be known as The Hub Sudan. Each member agreed to serve a duty according to their talents. Esra Elamin would be the talent manager. The Hub offers a chance for the creative individuals of Sudan to let their creative juices run free. While the intentions to contribute to art are there, it’s hard to find financial funding. The Hub plans to bridge this gap between the individuals and the sponsor, allowing for a swift solution to the problem. The Hub’s goal is to help Sudanese artists reach global recognition and allow them to explore their creative abilities with minimal hindrances.


Esra Elamin not only polished her skills, but she also went on to put these skills into implementation and gained experience through any opportunities. Esra was a project coordinator for SpokeArt 249 2020. This project came about as a collaboration with the Hub Sudan, USAID Sudan, and the Muse. Esra also worked as an event manager at IWD #ChoosetoChallenge 2021 where she again collaborated with Hub Sudan, USAID Sudan, and the Zain Sudan. During her time gaining experience, Esra pursued art and designed, developed, and delivered art pieces to clients according to specifications. Her love for art encouraged her to spread it further and conduct online art classes where she tutored from September 2020 to January 2021. This was done on various topics that included painting, color theory, basic drawing, portraiture, and a mandala. Esra proceeded to be appointed as the team leader at Omorfia Art Club (FMS) at Khartoum, Sudan.

Events & Exhibitions

Along with her vast experience, Esra Elamin held events and exhibitions to display her wide skill set. Her events and exhibitions include the following:

  • Postcard Festival Sudan in February 2020
  • Fujairah First International Oud Forumin April 2019
  • Fujairah Fine Art Academy Exhibition in February 2019
  • Personal Exhibitions for UAE National day (2nd December in Dubai to 3rd December in Abu Dhabi in 2018)
  • Concert and Art Gallery at FFAA from 8th to 9th November 2018
  • Omorfia Art Exhibition in the University of Khartoum in 2017


During her time holding events and exhibitions and gaining experience in the field, Esra Elamin accumulated several skills that helped her excel in the field. She has mastered communication skills, both written as well as verbal. She gained group managing and creative thinking skills allowing her to lead teams to success.
Her admirable flexibility in maintaining enthusiasm and commitment to each project allows for smooth transitions. Amidst mastering all areas of Microsoft office, she spent her time teaching and extending her talents to the public. Her focus and immense talent in acrylics, oil, and ink painting can be seen through the gorgeous art that adorns her Instagram.

Esra Elamin is a woman of multiple talents who makes a change and builds a better Sudan. Her heedless efforts can be seen in her talented works, her array of events and exhibitions, and her diverse experience in the field. Being a part of the founding members of the Hub, Esra, along with her five other founding members, plans to bring creativity to a bigger platform blending talents and individuality like never seen before. Her consistent hard work and diligence are evident in her work attitude and dealings with an audience and fellow creators.

Esra’s Instagram: @essteuk

THE HUB SDN: @thehub.sdn


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