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Hadeer Omar: The Multitalented Visual Artist

Hadeer Omar was born in 1988 in Alexandria. She rose to become the Egyptian time-based media artist, educator, and designer that she is today. She successfully did so with the help of her MFA in Design and BFA in Graphic Design, both from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.

She now creates beautiful works of art that explore various themes, including cultural identity and memories, and the self. Hadeer manages to create these beautiful narratives artfully through immersive XR media and technologies, photography, graphics, and video art installations from absolutely nothing to something anyone would cherish.

Passions in Art

Hadeer Omar is a woman of many artistic talents. She is a new media and visual artist, designer, and educator. Above all, her love for art shines through.

Her thesis revolved around globalization and questioning the action and culture hacking reaction revolving around this specific context. This shows that not only does she express talent and love for art, but she uses it to tell a story beautifully. Her years of training have enabled her to apply design thinking, in all of its forms, to visual processes, which is a unique ability not many people possess.

Her passions go as far as storytelling, social design, photography, film, digital art, and mixed media. Through these mediums, she displays knowledge and skill, but above all, Hadeer represents her identity through all of her work. She leaves a touch of herself in everything, which allows her work to stand out in a crowd, and her multiple achievements have proved this. Her favorite part about all of this is how she can manipulate mediums to display the story behind each piece of her work and emphasize whatever factor she chooses. As a result, all of her art became Hadeel’s form of self-expression.

Her Work and Projects

Hadeel Omar has managed to charm the masses with her flawless projects and works of art. Her most notable projects include installation at Doha Fire Station Gallery for AIR 5, the fragmented realities project, the commission for a Multimedia installation at Alkoot Fort, Doha during Tasweer Festival 2021. Each of these is amazing in their way and have even been recognized by notable people and establishments.

A series of short experimental art films and videos were also directed by her. They include Ouda w Sala, her first short film in 2011. In 2015, she released Hack you, which was a short video. Later, in 2017. She came out with an experimental documentary and short film titled Chaos Antidote which she co-directed with Idris Elhassan, and later on, in the same year, she directed the reason. Other than these magnificent films, Hadeer has also worked as a DOP in some short films.

Awards and achievements

Hadeel Omar has proved that her work is lovable by all due to its international recognition. Her work has been showcased in Egypt, San Francisco, Dubai, Berlin, Bulgaria, Qatar, and Austria. One of her projects, “3arabizi keyboard,” was given an honorary mention at the STARTS Prize in 2017. This prize is the Grand prize of the European Commission, which is a well-known and respected organization that honors Innovation in technology, industry, and Society Stimulated by the Arts. Her projects were so incredible that they were showcased at Drive: Volkswagen Group Forum in 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Other than that, she had managed to be recognized as a prominent member of the industry, and in 2019, she served as one of the co-chairs for the Tasmeem Doha Art and Design Conference. Her successful short films don’t lack behind.

Her Love for Spreading her Talent

Not only is Hadeel a fantastic artist, but she is also an excellent teacher. She believes that anyone who wishes to learn art or express themselves through it should be able to do so. As a result, she began spreading her talents in multiple ways. She started as a teacher‘s assistant at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar and is now an assistant professor.

Along with that, she gives workshops quite often. The most notable ones are where she collaborated with Soma Art Gallery, and Shelter Art Space. Along with them, she conducted two workshops in Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt. These workshops consisted of a basic introduction to 3D projection mapping, the best way to work in teams, and how to build strategies to efficiently divide tasks and responsibilities while exploring performance as a method to convey a story beautifully.

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