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Hoosh – The Sound of Sudan

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Sudanese-born Hoosh has taken the Musical World by storm with his unique take on R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, and Soul. Having the privilege to travel to different places worldwide, including most of the Middle East and the United States.

Hoosh has seamlessly integrated his cultural influences into his musical output, creating a unique symphony of genres that has turned him into an instant hit worldwide. With hard-hitting 808s and silky-smooth rhythms, his acoustic voice encapsulates his message’s true essence and delivers it in a profound, sublime manner.

A Journey To The Unknown

Belong from such a rich and diverse cultural background. Many would suffer from an identity crisis. However, Hoosh turned his identity into his weapon by delivering his message through what he knew best, Music. His Sudanese background has helped him appeal to East Africa and the Middle East, with him being placed on Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday Ghana and Chill Hits. 

Going away from the locale, Hoosh has attempted to mix traditional Middle Eastern Music with elements from the West. His fusion of both genres has generated an entirely new unique identity that remains culturally relevant to his background. For example, the 26-year old’s first single, Better Days which was released in 2018, attempted to grab everyone’s attention with his hard-hitting 808’s and smooth bass-line with an alluring vocabulary of words. His style speaks to rap’s true essence as he remains original in terms of his overall aesthetic and attempts to bring his personality to his musical work.

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Hoosh aims to consistently change his lyrical and melodic approach as he attempts to integrate his ever-changing cultural influences with his love for Music and Arabian Rap

Music That Speaks To The Soul

Hoosh derives all of his musical throughputs directly from his own experience and ideologies. For example, in his reflective chill track, Missed Takes, he breaks down the extremely personal story of losing his love due to him moving away from the US to Qatar. By the time he came back, she had already left him. 

Over the years, Hoosh has gained an unmalleable representation as a musical icon due to his rasping acoustic voice that echoes his thoughts and feelings about the world. With his charismatic and heart-touching lyrics, he’s single-handedly transformed Middle Eastern Music to so much more than what it already was.

Everything’s Going To Be Alright

Hoosh has just recently released his newest EP ‘everything’s going to be alright.” The EP consists of eight songs, with each having its harmonic charm and different melodies. As suggested by his earlier music style, Hoosh aimed to capture the true essence of his childhood and personal life while also providing the listener with a deep insight into what it truly means to grow as an artist.

He emphasizes his flavor in the entire EP by including a voice recording of his dad, who advises him to stay safe during the pandemic. The entire EP portrays his love for his family, and the amount of emphasis he had on his personal life is truly reflected throughout his Music.

He even goes on to feature his old family photo as an artwork piece from the song. All of these little personal touches add a sublime touch to the entire EP. As a listener, it makes one feel a part of Hoosh’s climb to the top, which also humanizes him as it portrays a lot of his struggles and shortcomings in life. Hoosh’s message is one of hope and hustle. His Music aims to s

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Hoosh’s Success

His latest EP was produced by his team in Miami, with big names such as Stevie Marcs, Mido Selim, and Paperwater backing his tracks. After his latest releases, ‘Night,’ ‘You Know Me,’ and ‘Jorja,’ his Music has taken a paradigm shift in its content and has turned much more melodic. He has amassed a mind-boggling 7 million streams worldwide and has also been featured on numerous platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

With the world continuing a bitter-sweet trend, Hoosh does not shy away from revealing his true feelings throughout his Music. He sees an upward trend in terms of popularity and is enjoying critical acclaim from audiophiles and listeners around the world for his unique, personal take on the genre.

With a cultural mix of identities that backs his bone, there is no knowing what Hoosh will do next. This chaos in his soul is perhaps why his Music is so different than the general Middle Eastern. With silky-smooth transitions and editorial features on popular platforms like Link Up TV and Chill Nation, his rise to fame is entrancing for even veteran musicians.

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