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Looshi: The Journey to The Top of Sudan

Looshi Doha Style

Looshi Doha Style


Born on the 14th of December 1993, 27-year-old Alaa takes Instagram as her platform and takes the stage to spread her talents and knowledge throughout the world. Here she displays her innovative beauty and makeup tips taking her space in the Arab world as a well-known media personality and star. Alaa is famous by the name of Looshi, her influential presence on social media was recently recognized, especially on Instagram, where she climbed her way to success through her craft.

Looshi's Family

Alaa is from a family of talented individuals. With a beauty expert mother and a plastic surgeon father, Alaa wasn’t one to lag and took her talents to recognition in no time. Through the experience she gained from her talented mother coupled with her expertise, Looshi’ quickly rose to fame as the most followed Sudanese figure. Her Facebook currently takes first place in Sudan. Alaa pursued her primary and secondary education in Saudi Arabia, moving to Sudan to complete her University.

Early life

The Sudanese artist took an interest in the advertising market. Her talents allowed her to quickly become one of the most sought-after choices for commercial companies. Her efforts didn’t just end there; Alaa went on to enter the media department, where she signed a contract with the Sudanese channel 24 (S24) as a presenter and a broadcaster.

Rise to Fame

Armed with a plastic surgeon father and a beauty expert mother, Alaa Al-Mubarak had all the makings of a natural-born talent. However, her dedicated hard work and commendable talent and beauty got her to where she is, now the most followed influential figure in Sudan. If words aren’t enough to convince, her massive number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok provide enough evidence to fuel her popularity. Alaa started as a typical day Instagrammer, posting beauty and makeup tips picked up from her mother and her expertise. Her tips quickly gathered the attention of a loyal audience, picking up her tips and hacks, aiding her popularity and allowing her to become famous in no time.

Alaa’s popularity continued to soar through the skies as her Instagram followers racked up to over 750. Not only powering her way through Instagram, Looshi quickly became famous on other media sites as well. On Facebook, she racked up about 300k followers, 69k followers on Twitter and a whopping 197k followers on TikTok with a massive 385K likes. Her content on social media is an exciting combination of inspiration and talent. Her Instagram, Twitter and TikTok come filled with content to ease an anxious mind and heart, with innovative beauty, fashion and makeup tips to make lives more accessible and more enjoyable. Her fresh and original ideas allowed her to retain her fame and continue to rise through the ranks with achievements that became the cause of admiration of many.


Alaa Al-Mubarak first appeared in advertising in 2015, where she started her career on TV. She went on to become a TV presenter and broadcaster on Sudanese Channel 24.

Her transmission on the channel included several programs where Alaa thrived in her potential, allowing her to gain immense popularity. These include “Know More”, “Markets and Tastes”, and “Attention”. These were through the Sudanese Morning Show. She went on to do more programs, including “Eid Jana” and “Bursa Ghana”. With her popularity and fame continuing to rise, Looshi found herself climbing through the ranks and becoming the advertisement face to arrive at the original version of the “FIFA World Cup” in Sudan in February of 2018. Her popularity kept rising, allowing her to be on the receiving end of 10 offers of marriage a day in 2017; however, Looshi wasn’t one to be swayed by money or power; she believed in her talent the importance of her Sudanese community.

Alaa also worked as a television presenter at Alhilal.

Alaa’s increasing fame and popularity on social media and television and in the advertisement industry allowed her a colossal fanbase dedicated to her, allowing her a platform of influence. This allowed Alaa to become an Ambassador for renowned internationally known brands like Max. Her platform continued to frow as she represented Sudan for Coca-Cola and the FIFA world cup of 2018. These were honourable titles and positions that garnered a lot of respect and awe from her audience.

As Looshi rose through the ranks of fame, she wasn’t one to forget her roots. She remained a proud Sudanese, continually giving back to the community. Effectively using her platform’s fanbase, Looshi went on to launch a charity campaign under the name “A stand for the homeland and the people”. Here she used her platform to raise money and awareness, giving back to the community.

Alaa Al Mubarak, is a talented individual armed with great expertise and presence, which allowed her to dominate the social media platform coming up to be Sudan’s most-followed Sudanese influential figure. She used her rise to fame to give back to the community through influencing her fanbase and a charity she launched. A woman of many talents, Alaa Al Mubarak, continues to rise and use her platform efficiently.

Looshi’s Instagram: @looshiofficial

Facebook: LooshiOfficial


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