Maani Saleh Doha Style

Heart to Heart Q&A Series: The Ever-Glowing Maani

Where and when were you born?

Uae, Alain, May 14th, 2000

Who was the most influential person to you as a child?

My Grandma

What did you like most about school? 

Skipping classes, making troubles and meeting the squad every day

What would people you know find surprising about you as a teen?

I was a very shy/insecure person.

What was your first job?

Modeling is my first job.

Who was the most significant influence in your career?

My bestfriend, Ahmed Yamani 

Maani Saleh Doha Style

What is your definition of “happiness”?

The peace of mind.

What is your happiest memory?

“Eid al Adha” 2011, my dad waking us up to have “futoor aleid” while my mom and my grandma in the kitchen making the food with a piece of music in the background 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My bachelor’s degree.

What is some memorable lesson you have learned in life?

To get to glow, you must go through darkness.

Who do you admire most in your family and why?

My brother was always my ride or die

Whose biggest fan are you?

My friends

Maani Saleh Doha Style

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spend the time with the squad.

What is your most favorite city?


What is your definition of beauty?

Something that forces me to notice it.

What is something every woman needs in her wardrobe?

A simple black dress.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The gratitude.

Who is the most influential female figure in your life, and Why?

My Mom, she never fails to amaze me with how tough she is

What is the last thing you googled?

A sweetheart sauce 

Do you have a favorite male model?


Maani Saleh Doha Style

What routine would you like to share with Doha Style followers?

Skincare routine: Apply clean&clear cleanser followed with a vitamin e serum and a moisturizer. 

What is the best beauty advice you were ever given?

Always apply a moisturizer before makeup.

What is the one thing you wish people knew about you?

I’m not what everyone says.

What is the most memorable travel experience?

A family trip to Oman.

If we looked in your fridge, what would we always find?

Mountain dew.

How is it like to be a Sudanese/black female in UAE? 

it can sometimes be challenging; people can act weird/racist towards black girls. You always get offensive questions such as: Is this your natural hair? How are you Sudanese with a light skin tone? 

When and why did you first model?

October 2019, it was a new opportunity. 

Maani Saleh Doha Style

What sorts of settings/clothes/brands do you prefer to shoot for or wear?

A smart casual/ street smart.

What do you consider the most challenging aspect of your job?

The disrespect and being unvalued by the team. Especially if they believe the model shouldn’t have a say.

The tiring, painful drives.

What song/s do you have on repeat these days?

Cold war- cautious clay.

Peaches- Justin Bieber.

When do you feel sexiest?

Right after the shower.

What was your favorite activity during quarantine?


Who is your support system?  

My cousins and my best friends

What is your favorite place to shop?


How would your best friends describe you?

Crazy, humbled, multilayered, tough 

Maani Saleh Doha Style

Do you pursue modeling as your career or just as a hobby?

It started as a hobby. But for a while now, I’ve been considering it as a career.

Do you have any siblings? 

Yes, two brothers.

What do your close friends call you?

3nnu, nany, 3n3n

Have you got in trouble because of your rebellious character when you were a teen? 

A lot 

What pets do you like most? Do you have any?

Dogs. But I don’t have any.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It took me a lot to realize how much my friends inspire me. They’re defiant, restless and they will take it all the way until they make it.

Maani Saleh Doha Style

Tell us how did you get your start as a model?

I got many compliments on how my features are perfect for makeup. And then, one day, a makeup artist asked me to model for the first time. Once we were done, she told me that it suits me and I shouldn’t stop, and this field needs more black models.

What has been (or still) the biggest challenge as a model?

The unstable income, dealing with criticism.

Does everyone look better with make-up?

No. Many girls look better with their natural beauty.

Share something you would like the world to know about you?

It’s not about me only. But I’d like to point out how everyone in this industry thinks less of the models. As if their opinions or existence doesn’t matter. Allow the models to get the respect they deserve and give them their rights.

What advice can you give to prospective models

Love yourself. Embrace your insecurities, and no matter how hard they try to pull you back, always find the courage to keep moving.


How long have you been a model?

Almost two years.

What country/city would you rather live in?

UAE, Dubai.

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