Megdad Mohamed Fareed: Empowering the Black Community

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Megdad Mohamed Fareed is a 24-year old business student from Sudan with an aim to empower black people through his work. Through his love for fashion, Megdad provided a platform for his people to help them cherish their roots and take pride in them. The idea came to Megdad a year ago after he was addicted to buying clothes. In pursuit of doing what he loved, Megdad wanted to incorporate his desire to uplift his community and create recognition and pride in their hearts. It was a way of declaring solidarity with members of the community and allowing them to feel at ease and supported.



Megdad Mohamed Fareed went on to study business, majoring in management for his undergraduate degree. He graduated in 2018 in Sudan, going off to pursue his passion in fashion when he finally had some time on his hands amidst the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.


Graduating as a business major, Megdad Mohamed Fareed planned on doing something different. It isn’t just a clothing line; what it symbolizes, however, speaks volumes about its cause. Through this fashion line of love and support, Megdad’s aim is to empower the black community into being proud of their identity.

With the consistent ignorance felt by the black community for decades, Black&Blessed is an outlet to a better life. It’s a path of recognition. The past of ignorance, allows people to be recognized wherever they go. Through the clothing line, Black people everywhere had an opportunity to get noticed wherever they go. A chance to celebrate an identity lost to them so long ago.

The name itself is self-explanatory of its cause. It symbolizes that “being black is the biggest blessing anyone can have”, and through this aim, Megdad plans to make his community realize their worth. Instead of hiding the identity, they were born with, Megdad intends to promote a different society, where the black identity is loved, and the community takes delight in claiming this identity.

With his brand, Black&Blessed, Megdad wanted to incorporate his dreams into a fashion line that turned heads. For people who wanted to get noticed, to look different, this was the brand Megdad wanted them to go for. So wherever they live, people around would talk about the clothes worn by these people and hope to integrate a similar fashion into their lives.

As a fashion addict himself, Megdad was entirely devoted to the cause. For Megdad, shopping was one of the most prominent activities he took joy in. It brought him happiness and tranquility. Through these emotions, Megdad knew he wanted to do something in the fashion world. As Megdad displayed his love for fashion, starting a brand was always an idea in his head. However, earlier on, Megdad had no time to pursue his dream.



With the pandemic hitting the world, the viral disease led people worldwide to isolate themselves in their homes. Through this time of negative thoughts and disbelief with little productivity, Megdad didn’t sit still. He had a dream to pursue. Before the pandemic, Megdad never had free time to execute his idea and breathe it into reality. However, with the ongoing pandemic, time opened up. And so Megdad converted this negative period into his dream allowing his fellow black people to celebrate community in this time of hardships. With help from his friends, Megdad was able to pour his dedication, hard work, and talent into his work and, in October of that same year, came out with a clothing line of his dreams.

The brand stands for a threefold concept: community, culture, and awareness. To summarize, it calls for awareness of the community through celebrating their culture. Armed with eye-catching designs and a unique vibe, Black&Blessed is a fashion line aimed to shine in a crowd.

Megdad Mohamed Fareed’s brand may have been created for his black community, but he continued to work to make them available for people of all communities. His first design, “The Power Ts”, was a project to celebrate the black identity. But Megdad didn’t want to stop just yet. He worked on another design, the “blessed hoodies” made to welcome all communities into his brand.

Megdad hasn’t achieved his aim just yet. He plans to use his dedication and hard work to open up a store in his home country, Sudan, followed by the UAE, and then proceed to go worldwide.

Megdad is an entrepreneur with one aim, to empower his black community and

take his business worldwide. While the world fell into a put of negativity with the arrival of COVID-19, Megdad got to work. With his interest in fashion and his complete dedication to the cause, he plans to take his business worldwide and continues to inspire and elevate his community on a larger scale.

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