Ola Labib Doha Style

Ola Labib – An Absolute Charm

Ola Labib is the only Black Sudanese Muslim female comedian who has made her name known by performing in front of audiences in the United Kingdom. Ola is renowned for bringing her infectious charm on stage whenever she performs – for her audiences; she is a treat on stage which they cannot get enough of. Only 30 years old, Ola has made her mark on the Comedy industry.

Ola Labib Doha Style

The beginning of a promising journey

When it comes to a person that Ola takes inspiration from, the only person she is seen to be mentioning is her father. For her, her father has been the funniest guy ever. From their humor to their punch lines and facial expressions, they both are seemingly identical.

At the beginning of Ola’s extraordinary journey as a Comedian, she has faced many challenges. Being a Muslim Hijabi in a white area, she has been the subject of discrimination. However, that has only made her more persistent in her resolve to pursue her Comedy career no matter what it takes.

The comedy Ola does is based on her personal experiences. It is often meant to be funny, and sometimes, it highlights the society around Ola in a humorous yet passive-aggressive way. Ola’s journey as a Comedian has not been an easy one due to racism being a predominant factor. However, her main objective has always been to make people happy. She doesn’t care for the negative comments she receives as long as her comedy can bring a smile to somebody else’s face.

Ola Labib Doha Style

Success takes effort

Ola realizes that success takes perseverance, steadfastness, and time. It is a gradual process. However, the key is to continue trying and not to give up. It is not easy to juggle two jobs simultaneously, but Ola isn’t one to give up. She is a ‘clinical pharmacist” during the daytime and a standup Comedian during the night.

For Ola, she believes that if she can make herself laugh, she can make anybody laugh. It doesn’t have any technicality to it whatsoever. Sudan doesn’t have many female Comedians, and Ola is here to change the stereotype and be a positive role model for her fellow Sudanese sisters. For Ola, even if her audience isn’t laughing, it doesn’t bother as long as she is having fun. This is the same message she wishes

to get across to the women in Sudan. Ola has been undeterred in following her passion, and she wants all the women in Sudan to do the same. For Ola, it doesn’t matter how big or small the vision is. As long as the vision is there, Ola stands by the belief that one should stick to it and work towards it.

Optimism through and through

Ola’s mission that combines of surpassing stereotypes has attained tremendous success. Due to her hard work and her optimistic attitude, now she is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the comedy industry.

She has performed in tip venues such as “The Comedy Store” and “Hot Water and The Frog.” Moreover, she was recently seen in a project called “The Dog Ate My Homework” by CBBC. In addition to this, she is also involved in producing a documentary project along with Afromic. She also has her online series that airs weekly titled “Would You Rather.” “Kashta Lab Podcast” is also a project that she co-presents alongside her husband Ramey Dawoud, an American rapper.

She also participated in the “Culture Forum,” where she raised money for charity with the help of her comedy. Her laughter and the humor she provides have paved the pathway for her gradual and eminent success. Additionally, she also hosted on the renowned platform “BBC Africa,” where she represented her culture and gender. She was ecstatic to have received a platform where she could demonstrate the strength Sudanese females have and how they are extremely talented and independent.

Ola Labib Doha Style

The Sudanese Revolution changed mindsets across the country and make women realize that they had to fight for their rights. Ola did advocate for such rights and firmly believes that Freedom of expression and speech are vital for every woman.

Ola uses her social media platforms, such as Instagram, to promote herself further. She has many fans scattered worldwide waiting for Ola to make a move and delight them with the profound comedy she offers. Ola is surely revolutionizing the way people imbue Sudanese females in society by spreading awareness. She believes that women should pursue their desires; they should follow their heart’s passion.

Ola is a rising star and has great potential ahead of her. She has embarked on her journey not to publicize herself or benefit from any monetary gain but instead to

follow her intended career path. She is an inspiration for many women not only in Sudan but across the globe.

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