Peter & Black: A Premium Handmade Leather Brand

Every Brand stands out for some of its unique features and specifications. Just like many others, Peter & Black is a magnificent and opulent handmade leather brand. The name of this Brand depicts its background. The word “Black” is used to reflect Sudanese, African and pure Black people. In contrast, “Peter” is the founder’s nickname. The Brand aims to provide sustainable, luxurious, long-lasting, high end leather items to embrace diversity and Sudanese heritage and also bring joy to the young souls.

The Background

This classy Brand was founded back in 2016 by Mohamed Adam. The founder aims to provide classy and premium leather handmade items in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to fulfil the addiction of Sudanese youth fashion and arts. The founder’s main goal is to reflect Sudani culture and Sudani souls in their durable Brand. The logo of this Brand is beautifully designed by combining two letters to give it a unique look. The letters were picked and chosen from African art geometry and were perfectly merged to create a visual identity of Peter & Black

Formation of Products

All Peter & Black products are fully handmade. The Brand provides employment opportunities to craftspeople by amazingly utilizing their skills and talent. Peter & Black also promotes the importance of valuing the skills of the artisan, and also gives a wide range of workshops for rural women, homeless children and refugees as long as anyone is interested to learn.

Speaking of sustainability, the brand works hard to be less harmful to the environment, less commercial but more into making impacts, major changes and bringing good chances to the community.

To make it more sustainable Peter & Black uses only Bi-products materials, natural dyes and recyclable packaging papers, so each product has its own authenticity, details and a story.

The brand provides a wide range of items such as Bags, wallets, sleeves, accessories and antiques. Mostly unisex.

Product designing

The Brand stands out for its own original designs. The designs are created by brand artisans and product designers from scratch. Designs are formed by creating an authentic blend of art, fashion, and Sudanese soul. The artisans and designers work relentlessly and with compassion to create unique sketches. Peter & Black is known for its patterns as the Brand never replicated patterns of any other brand. The non-symmetric shapes used in their products are used by taking inspiration from African art geometry and the high-tech architecture,

The primary ideology of their designs revolves around using eccentric circle shapes, along with metal rings and wooden accessories.

Wooden accessories are stunningly paired with leather products to reflect a durable item and create strong brand identification. The Brand also focuses on using hands in their products for both males and females. The products of Peter & Black are highly recognized because of the usage of contrasted sewing threads.

The ideology of the Brand

Peter & Black has an ideology to create their brand recognition globally. The Brand focuses on reaching the international market. 

The Brand has a goal to provide great and unmatched Sudanese products to consumers around the globe. They want to target specific market segments on an international level by providing phenomenal art creations. The Brand visualizes to provide high-class, unique, and classy Sudanese products. 


Since 2016 till to date the Brand has worked with sheer enthusiasm and zeal. It has made accomplishments internationally as well as locally.

In 2016, the Brand participated and exhibited its marvelous products in the fashion weekend at Yalla Khartoum.

In 2017, the Brand senior representatives proudly presented as a Speaker at Behance’s main event. 

Just two years after the formation of Peter & Black, they reached global heights. They had exhibited their artistic products at Paris fashion weekend. They participated in the East Africa Art mobility program. During 2018, Brand also collaborated with Kunjina Brand, Ethiopia. 

2020, the brand got the pleasure to be showcased in Elgouna Film festival’s closing ceremony by Mr. Amjad Abu Alala wearing a customized man purse from Peter & Black.

Founder of Peter and Black

The Brand was founded by a passionate and committed founder named “Mohamed Adam Musa”. He had a wide experience in the field of fashion designing, textile and garment manufacturing. He is publicly acknowledged for being a great visual artist, modern and present-time performer. Mohamed Adam knows the true value of handicrafts as he worked as a well-experienced artisan for six consecutive years. Along with that, he has an in-depth sense of the latest fashion trends and how to merge style with art. The founder is an innovator, entrepreneur, creative artist, enthusiast, and activist. He is nothing less than an all-rounder. He also showed his talents in the field of branding and digitalization. Peter & Black is a true depiction of Mohamed Adam’s achievements and learning throughout his professional career. He has beautifully inculcated his ideas into this prestigious Brand.

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