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“The day gets better when I see you Rahil.”


“The day gets better when I see you.”

This is the sentence that is often heard by nurse Rahil aka proudlynubian, and her colleague Elina at work, which makes them feel comfortable in the city of Helsinki.

“A good work atmosphere helps to cope even in heavier moments. We support each other, listen and discuss situations. Humor is also essential,” Rahil describes.

Rahil Khalifa, aka proudlynubian is of Sudanese origin and works as a registered nurse in Finland. She is very active in the hospital where she works. Rahil was recently featured in a recruiting campaign made by Helsinki City of Finland to attract more staff to join various Helsinki City’s hospitals.

Helsinki City of Finland!

Helsinki is the capital and most populous city of Finland. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, it is the seat of the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland. Helsinki is the country’s most important center for politics, education, finance, culture, and research.

When she is not saving lives, Rahil is an active model.


Rahil in African dress
proudlynubian 📸: @niko_raappana 📷: @teampulpfactory 👗 : @finn.kibu 📖: @africanfashionweekhelsinki
Rahil photographed by 📸 @eevaroots
📸 @eevaroots
Rahil wearing the INFINITY WRAP DRESS in ’THE MODERN WOMAN’ series
Styling @f_joy_couture 📸 @n.b_foto 🎥 @boagraphy
Rahil looking beautiful
Rahil in Irene’s leather collection! Such a fun fashion show
@irenavirtanen @hrchelsinki @tatinisartshow 📷 @jukeluoma
Rahil wearing beautiful dress designed by the talented @f_joy_couture ❤️
designed by @f_joy_couture ❤️

Rahil and Kirang

Being a proud Sudanese in general, she loves everything about Sudan’s culture. The dance performs below is called “Kirang” which originated from the Nuba tribe (that has hundreds of tribal dances itself), but it got popularised in the whole Sudan.

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