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Rana Jubara – The Epitome of Hard Work

Rana Jubara; a woman gifted with magical imagination and artistic abilities to create magic through her art. Her unique work style depicts joy, peace, love, and every other color and emotion life has to offer. She is a well-established graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and animator who has provided her service to various leading companies of Qatar and has left everyone in awe of her work and talent. 

Her childhood

Rana Jubara’s childhood was elementary and ordinary, just like any other child in the world. She had four siblings, and she was the youngest of them all. Like all the kids in the world, she looked up to her elder siblings for motivation and inspiration, but one thing that was always present in her was her artistic nature, her curiosity to explore the world. From a very young age, she observed and saw the world around her with the eyes of an artist, and that curiosity and observation are depicted in her work even today.

The artist unraveled

Like most of the great artists of the world, Rana belonged to a multi-talented family, and the talent to produce extraordinary art ran in her veins growing up. She saw almost all of her cousins and siblings drawing beautiful art and mesmerizing calligraphy, which served as a source of motivation and an aspiration for her to pursue her natural talent. The love and desire to be an artist came naturally to her, and this played a massive part in her success that was to come.

When art comes from the heart, it is the only time when you can create masterpieces. Rana’s work leads the charts today because her artistic approach and ideas come from within.

The beginning of her journey

Rana is a living example of how your passion and love for your dream can lead you in the way of your life. She was not that bright of a student in school, but once she fully realized her potential, love, and passion for arts, she made sure that she was up there with the very best by attending the institution of her choice and taking control of her life.

Attending the university Rana wanted to, and by showing exceptional results, Rana Jubara completed three years of her education on merit scholarship from Virginia Commonwealth University.

As she showed mind-blowing results in arts, she also learned and mastered the Spanish language from Camino Barcelona Spanish Language School and Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Today this beautiful and talented lady can speak three languages, including Arabic, English, and Spanish, with professional proficiency, making her a diverse personality.

Her journey till now

Rana Jubara has come a long way and has achieved some astonishing achievements in her carrier so far. She has climbed the ladder of success step after step, and with each step taken, she has only moved forward.

From being a beginner graphic designer working for Qatar Museums to being the senior digital multimedia designer at Qatar foundation, this inspiring woman has worked and made her mark in advertising, branding, and illustrations for various leading companies, including Al-Jazeera, TrippleTwo, Qatar airways. In 9 years, she has shown unmatchable persistency, character, and hard work, which made her what she is today.

She worked for these reputable companies and was also part of a critically acclaimed and award-winning movie named “Asfoora The Film.” She made breathtaking illustrations, posters, and animation clips for it which played a significant role in the film’s success.

Transforming the world into a better place

This inspiring young lady is trying her best to transform this world into a better place to live for everyone. She is raising her voice through her breathtaking art against the social issues that this world is currently facing right now. From raising awareness about child marriages in the MENASA region to abduction and recruitment of innocent children in the Sudan military, she makes sure that she becomes the voice of those who are not heard.

She has her take on life, and her followers love her for her optimistic approach to life, as we can see in her remake of the grand Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist,” which she remade into The Old Tanbur Player, spreading the message of love, peace, and unity among Sudanese people.

She also captures the real essence of love and celebration of lovers in her incredible and inspiring work named Al Bousa “The Kiss” and HabibiHence one finds every aspect of life in her inspiring and relatable work as she continues to inspire and work for the betterment of youth to make a name for themselves in society.

She believes that youth today are well aware of their rights and know well how to get those if provided with opportunities; therefore, she is working day and night with the Qatar Foundation for human development and nurturing of the world’s future leaders. 

Rana’s Merchandise Page: https://society6.com/ranajubara


Rana’s Instagram Page: @ranajubarawork

Ranna’s Portfolio: https://ranajubara.myportfolio.com/

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