Rawaa Ahmed the Advocate of Revolution

Rawaa Ahmed- the Energetic Advocate of Revolution

Rawaa Ahmed singlehandedly brought forward the importance of women empowerment to her followers and continues to be an upfront member in protests whenever rights are being violated.

Rawaa is known for her passion for community development with a focus on women and youth empowerment. She believes that anyone who has the privilege to do so must step forward and help women, young or old, in any way they need it. Women need to break the shackles of patriarchy and feel empowered enough to stand up for themselves.

Her beliefs aren’t limited to women’s empowerment. She was an active participant in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which shows her disapproval of racism and the importance of social inclusion. This extends to her passion for maintaining gender equality. Ahmed believes that regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, or gender, each and every single person should have equal rights and freedom.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

Her work for women

As Rawaa Ahmed is an international relations graduate, she understands the depth of knowledge required to create peace between disagreeing parties. She took this knowledge and coupled it with her passion to uplift women and began her journey to make a change by attaining a prominent position- the head of the gender-related issues committee at an NGO in Cyprus. It aims to help survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in several ways. They give them the support they need by introducing them to doctors, counselors, lawyers, and anyone else who may assist them in filing reports based on voluntary requests. These are just a few of the many things Rawaa Ahmed did at the NGO.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

She began to spread out and wanted to help women worldwide. She then moved towards a newly established African women’s rights advocates organization based in the Netherlands. Here, Rawaa Ahmed became a media consultant to the organization, a global survivor-led movement founded by grassroots activists from different African countries. Their end goal is similar to what Ahmed wishes to achieve- to create a world where African women and girls can thrive, live without fear and do whatever they put their hearts into.

Rawaa Ahmed’s work was recognized by the Global peace chain, where she is now an ambassador and is featured as an active member in community work.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

Other Measures

Rawaa Ahmed frequently fights for other situations where people are being mistreated, and she has taken several steps to tackle these issues. She has helped organizations such as Nafeer collect funds in dire situations where multiple people were dying, and the few survivors needed help.

She has done a lot for children as she believes that young or old, you must educate everyone on equality. She helped out at an awareness training program where students were taught about sex awareness. She also helped develop reading centers for children in Cameroon’s rural areas, where not a lot of children can access multiple books.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

When it comes to peaceful protests for those who were wronged, Rawaa Ahmed never holds back. She took part in the Black Lives Matter Movement and was in the front row at the march. She also participated in the essential protest to end the military council in Sudan and shift to a civilian government which was something the majority needed at that time. Rawwa participated in the walk talk awareness campaign as well. In this campaign, people walked the streets with posters that said, “Ask me about Sudan.” When prompted, they would elaborate on the area’s situation and why they needed peoples’ support. These are just a few of the many actions she took and programs she participated in to help people earn the rights they deserve regardless of whether she was directly involved in the injustice or not.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

Rawaa Ahmed’s Current life

After moving on from her previous accomplishments, she now works with the UN migration’s mission in Sudan under a program that assists and supports vulnerable

migrants that are transiting through Sudan, staying in it, or are stranded.

Rawaa often holds or appears in talks, podcasts, and webinars where she speaks about social injustice and the hardships women have to go through in different parts of the world. She hopes that her words touch people and allow them to internalize these issues so they may work to help oppressed women achieve a better life. These include a webinar in April 2021 on the increased number of gender-based violence, in February 2021, a talk about FGM and how we must put the heinous act to an end worldwide, the She Inspires Me Campaign, Hassan Talks, and many more. She aims to continue giving speeches about these issues to increase awareness.

Rawaa Ahmed- the Advocate of Revolution

African Women Rights Advocates often puts up campaigns where African women rights activists can step forward and collectively do something on a larger scale. Rawaa always grasps opportunities like this and readily does her part, and encourages others to do the same. She believes that a more prominent voice against oppression would lead to a greater possibility of peaceful solutions.

Rawaa Ahmed has definitely lived up to everyone’s claims of her righteousness and dedication to gender equality. Whether it’s a large organization, a small NGO in need of volunteers, protests, or a simple talk, Rawaa never walks away from lending a hand. Her robust and determined voice and incredible actions will continue to inspire and empower women worldwide.

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