Rawan Ata Almanan

Rawan Ata Almanan-An emerging makeup artist and style icon!

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Rawan Ishag, also known by the name of Rawan Ata Almanan, is an Arabic Muslim. She is a makeup artist based in Dubai. She has a very positive outlook on life. And she tries to inculcate it in her followers by intricately winding the message through her art. Her makeup skills are very different from other makeup artists. Moreover, she influences many women to find their inner beauty and enhance their features by teaching them her unique makeup techniques. She is a very refined yet young makeup artist who has grabbed the attention of many people in such a short amount of time on her social platforms.

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Makeup Enthusiast

As mentioned earlier, Rawan is a makeup artist. She experiments with different makeup looks. People are usually scared of bold eye looks. They typically avoid experimenting with odd colors on their eyes, but Rawan breaks norms and wears bright, bold colors on her eyes confidently. A cut crease is generally considered a difficult makeup technique. The fact that she beautifully draws a cut crease on her eyes shows that she is very skillful at what she does. In addition to various makeup looks, she also knows different makeup techniques to work with on problematic skin. For instance, color correction is one of the techniques she has mastered over time. Smokey eyes, matte lips, and glass skin are her signature looks. Moreover, she seamlessly blends eyeshadows in the perfect way that they look like a piece of art. Overall, she has a charming personality and is an expert in makeup.

Rawan Ata Almanan
Rawan Ata Almanan

Unique Fashion Sense

If you look through her Instagram: @rawan_atalmanan1, it is evident that she is a fabulous makeup artist and has an exquisite sense of style. She follows all the current fashion trends and styles everything gracefully. She has a unique fashion sense. The color coordination in her clothes indicates how involved and conscious she is about her style statement. The choice of clothes to jewelry selection is all very commendable. Like she experiments with various looks in her makeup, she projects the same in her fashion sense. She plays with both neutrals and bold colors in her clothes and makes her style statement. It does not matter if it is shades of brown or dark black; she knows when and where to wear those.

Rawan Ata Almanan
Rawan Ata Almanan
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Rawan Ata Almanan’s Social Presence

In the current times, she has become very active on her social media handles. Rawan has an Instagram page with over 10 thousand followers and 87 posts. She likes to showcase her makeup looks, nail paints, turban styles, short tutorials, and motivational quotes. That is the reason she has various admirers on Instagram. Moreover, she also has a YouTube channel named “Rawan Ishag.” Her most viewed tutorial has over 2.1k views, and it is a tutorial on wearing a turban in under 3 minutes. She has showcased her love for turbans both on her Instagram and YouTube. She is a makeup artist by profession and shares her tutorials on these social sites. She shares valuable tips and her artistic talent with her following so that they could learn it too.

Moreover, she also shared her take on Indian makeup and how they do their makeup on her YouTube channel. She also runs a Twitter account. Most of her audience is Instagram and YouTube based.

Rawan Ata Almanan

The Message She Brings

Apart from being a makeup artist, Rawan seems to be a firm advocate of mental health and issues relating to mental health and social problems. Her Instagram shows how aware she is about these issues. As she says in one of her recent posts on Instagram, “You can’t see people’s Mental Health, be courteous always.” Hence, she preaches people to be kind to others. Moreover, she talks about self-love. She believes that one should love themselves and should not count their weaknesses and flaws. Instead, everyone should be thankful for the blessings.

Furthermore, she encourages her audience to stay positive by acting herself positively. It wouldn’t be invalid to say that she is a very optimistic person and compels and inspires people around her to be positive. She also believes in healing. Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone goes through tough times but healing yourself and never giving up is essential according to Rawan.

Rawan Ata Almanan
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Overall, her work is remarkable, and she is an excellent addition to the social media makeup artist and fashion blogger community. Her tutorials are beneficial for women across the globe. She posts relevant and worth watching content on both her Instagram and YouTube. Her audience very well receives her motivational quotes. She not only teaches makeup but also teaches various other facts that everyone should work on. She is an emerging makeup artist yet very talented and an extreme expert at what she does.









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