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Rayan Khalil: The Promising Visual Painter and Artist from Sudan

Rayan Khalil is a Sudanese up and coming visual painter and artist. She is a passionate artist who displays her work on Tumblr. Since Tumblr is an international platform, it allows her to showcase her work to a large audience. Her Tumblr bio “I can’t stop, I must draw, however poor the result” represents her art perfectly. Her art comes out as unapologetic and original, and her aim is clear cut. She wants to inspire the world’s people to set out for their ambitions without anything holding them back. Rayan aims to leave expectations and judgments behind. She wants her audience to reach out for their dreams and work their hardest.

Rayan with her Art
Rayan's Acrylics artwork

Her art consists of anything that she can use to improve her art. From nail polish to ink spray to acrylics. Rayan intends to dazzle her art in innovative ways. Her art is a true reflection of herself and her originality. She holds no resistance to any materials that may help enhance her art. Through her multiple art projects, Rayan intends to bring in a new era of art. She inspires her audience to sprinkle their identities into their art. She promotes originality and individuality, causing her audience to gravitate towards her.

Rayan Art
Rayan Khalid Artist

Her unique technique

Rayan Khalil has no rules nor limitations when it comes to her art. She uses multitudes of techniques, each of which contributes to her art in perfect harmony. This collection of tools range from acrylics to watercolors to pencil color to even nail polish. Rayan has also gained mastery in Photoshop and uses it to help further refine her art. Rayan uses anything and everything to achieve her artistic goals. She uses digital editing as well as a real-life hand painting to give her art her touch.

Drawing by the artist Rayan Khalil
Ryan's Poem in a painting

Rayan Khalil’s art mainly focuses on portraits. But she puts her unique twist to breathe originality into her art. In this way, her paintings have become very appealing to the eye.

Rayan Khalil’s art is known to be very expressive. She uses a wide variety of colors, shades, and techniques. This gives birth to an art form that has feelings to express. Rayan’s art expresses her love for the craft. Her posts consist of all levels of skill. She doesn’t wait for an art piece to be perfect in the eyes of her audience but draws what her heart desires. She believes in the beauty that is seen by hearts, not the eyes. Rayan imagines art to be free and not constricted by the audience.

Rayan Khalil oil painting on paper
Overview of Ryan Workshop

Rayan's beautiful Masterpieces 

Along with her original art pieces, Rayan Khalil posts captions that work perfectly in harmony with her art. Her inspiring captions include “I might be Saint Mary, what you wish for?” and “If she’s Marline Monroe to you, then she is Marline Monroe.” Captions like these created realizations in her audience, allowing them to view art as their own. Her aims seem clear in her art and her captions. Rayan intends to make her audience view art without expectations of what it has to be. She believes art is something that comes from the heart. Everyone has different views on several art pieces, and Rayan intends to maintain this impression. She views art to be something personal and close to the heart, depending on the person’s thoughts of the painting.

art is what you want it to be. This is the concept Rayan Khalil wants the world to live by.

Rayan Khalil Book Cover
Sudanese Army Headquarters

An artist that influences


“You will never know that amount of music that in you until you scream it out.”

Rayan Khalil believes in the potential that hides in every individual. Through her art, she inspires her audience to look into themselves and explore their capabilities. To not be discouraged by the words around them but to move forward with nothing holding them back. Rayan believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She eliminates the stereotypical society’s definition of beauty and limits it to how one perceives it for themselves. Rayan has set out to change the world’s perceptions of art. She urges her audience to look at her art and perceive it; however, they may like it to be. Rayan doesn’t strive to be perfect with her art; instead, she intends to send a message that resonates with her audience.

Rayan Khalil Sundanese Army General Command sit-in
Rayan Khalil Mud Pride

She uses her art to deliver not only feelings but messages of inspiration. Her work features colorful abstracts to simple sketches. Her popularity takes from the fact that she deals in the unconventional way of art. Her art beautifully captures the feelings and emotions of her portraits.

Rayan Khalil manages to bash all stereotypes where art has to be a certain way. With her art, she opened up the opportunity to anyone who wanted to avail of it. Rayan uses her art in a way that appeals to most, allowing for any form of art to be accepted and appreciated.

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