Reem Aljeally Doha Style

Reem Aljeally- Enriching the Positive Art Scene in Khartoum

Reem is also an aspiring cultural manager and a curator who channels her drive and passion for bringing about social change and addressing social issues on a larger platform. In doing so, Reem continues to help her fellow artists grow and enrich the art platform at Khartoum. In 2019, this effort led to Reem establishing the Muse multi studios, an enterprise that worked towards building a platform for the art community. Through her artistic approach, Reem communicates the social issues she sees around herself, issues that she faces, and those taking place in her community, mainly focusing on women and spaces.

Reem Aljeally
Reem Aljeally Doha Style

Reem Aljeally wields her artistic abilities and uses them as an instrument of communication between her and her audience. Her art consists mainly of figures and characters representing a self-portrait where she expresses her emotions and experiences. Reem takes her art as a course of freedom and channels through what she sees and what she feels about all that continues to happen around her.

Reem Aljeally graduated from the University of Khartoum in late 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Science of Architecture. Continuing to follow her passion, Reem then went on to gain a diploma in Painting and Drawing and Oil Painting from the Khartoum Art training center in 2019.

Work Experience

One can see reem Aljeally’s dedication to her craft in her years of experience. Reem wasn’t one to wait until her graduation to start working; her love for her art compelled her to begin working as a painter in 2016. Shortly after her graduation, her time as an undergraduate, Reem spent her time as a teaching assistant, willing to utilize all her tools to learn more about her work and gain skills in the process. Following her graduation, Reem went on to work for Plan B#1 Planning and Architecture firm as an architect, where she worked for about a year, growing her skillset in the process.

She was continuing with her perseverance. Reem got selected as a resident artist at Goethe Institute, Sudan Moves Project, where she worked online for three months. During her time at Goethe, Reem decided to work as a designer at Exit: Fund for another year. Throughout her time, Reem was a woman of hard work and diligence. Her experience came from growing her skill sets in all walks of life. Through her years of experience on various projects, she then went on to establish Muse multi-Studios in 2019. Currently, Reem works as a curator and gallery manager at Savannah Innovation Labs.

Reem Aljeally Doha Style
Reem Aljeally Doha Style

The Muse

Reem Aljeally is an artist with an aim to bring about social change and promote her community of artists in the process. She established bait Alnisa platform in 2020, a platform dedicated to set the stage for Sudanese female art and promote their work. Through the formation of Muse Multi Studio, Reem aimed to create lifelong learning opportunities for participants allowing them to achieve their dreams and improve their capabilities and credentials. The Muse aims to support artists and provide them with a platform to convey the messages they try to communicate through their art. The platform allows these artists to set the stage, showcasing their talents and learning from fellow artists. However, the platform isn’t limited to experienced artists alone; they intend to provide a space for newcomer artists to communicate, learn and expand their boundaries, all the while allowing them to grow their skill sets and talents and setting them well on their way to their goals.

Reem Aljeally Doha Style
Reem Aljeally Doha Style

Reem Aljeally’s Exhibits

Throughout her journey, Reem has worked hard and dedicated her time to work on her exhibitions diligently. In this duration, she went on to set up group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions.
These include:

  • Born in Memory:
    Born in Memory was a solo exhibit held by Reem Aljeally at the Savannah Innovation Labs in February 2021. It was a gorgeous project that traveled through levels of unconsciousness. It explained the relationship created between emotions, souls, and spaces and their deep-rooted connection with our memories. The exhibit painted a vivid picture of the different connections’ experiences had in our brain. From the motions to the sensations provoked when one is faced with a situation in their life. With its deceiving nature, Memory is a tricky concept to portray; however, done beautifully in this solo exhibition by Reem Aljeally. Her collection is dominated by a feminine existence that is a constant when you observe the paintings. This represents her thoughts and experiences on where females stand in society and their character.
  • Acts of Resistance: An Anthology
    Implemented by Goethe Institute, Sudan, Sudan Moves is a Sudanese German project on art and crisis as part of the 2020 online residency. In this project, Reem Aljeally , worked with various approaches to the cause. The project helped them talk about the past, present and paint their visions for the future of their dreams through art and mediums of painting.
    Reem also went on to work on “Non-Verbal Dialogue” in collaboration with Veronica Nepple.
  • Room 306: Art in Isolation:
    Art in isolation is a project that paid tribute to a world where the global crisis of Covid-19 was largely impacting artists and their work. It demonstrated how confinement in a time like never experienced before affected artists mentally, emotionally, and physically. It focused on artists from the Middle East and their diaspora during this period.
    Other solo exhibitions include character, a solo exhibition held in 2018, the Effect of the Butterfly, a group exhibition held at the French Institute Sudan in March 2020.
    Reem Aljeally is an artist with many works to back her hard work and dedication to her craft. However, she isn’t an artist who focuses solely on prospering herself. At the same time, it helps her fellow artists grow in their crafts. From her work experience in the exhibitions, all of them show exceptional talent and diligence that go behind her work.

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