Rima Doha Style

Rima – The Child Star’s Wonderous Talents

It’s no less than wonder how much she has managed to achieve at such a young age and leave others in awe of her numerous talents. Give her enough makeup for a look, and she’ll take your breath away by using your face as a canvas to let her creativity shine. Modelling has also been something she is very keen on. The second she got the chance, she made jaws drop with her effortless talent and flawless execution. Her work is the definition of perfect.

Rima Doha Style
Designer @sae.fash & photographer @medo_rock_

Rima Early life

This genius was born and grew up in Sudan, but she moved to China at the age of 17, where she got her diploma in the Chinese language. When she graduated high school, she didn’t know what and where to study so her dad suggested studying Chinese language in China. She lived there for 3 years. It was in China where she finally found herself and her fabulous sense of style. She now lives in Omdurman.

Rima Galander considers herself to have always been a rebellious and experimental child. While she was growing up, she always stepped out of the norms set up by her household and community. She marched against what she was told was right and did what she wanted to. She died her hair to various colours a lot; she got an array of piercings and changed her style frequently to her heart’s desire. At first her dad used to be angry and would say “I’m going to shave your head” or “you look like a punk” but she managed to talk her way through and he ended up accepting that side of her. She never let anyone dictate what she could and couldn’t do.

Rima Doha Style

Her work

She began as a makeup artist and became well known as one after working in some music videos. Her friend Hadeel Osman, who is a creative director and stylist, really liked the makeup she did for her friend and suggested that she worked with her on a music video. Some of the ones she worked on include Zola by Rexus, Zaman Maf by O’D, Charleston by Soulja.

However, she doesn’t pursue it as a career. Although she is highly talented, she only does so to help friends. In 2018, she experimented with makeup and tried out and preferred more colorful and shiny looks instead of nude and smoky glam looks. She has received a lot of praise and acknowledgment, but she often felt like all eyes were on her.

Rima Doha Style
Picture taken by @muhamed.jpg makeup by @turtalienne

Other than makeup, she has tried out modeling. Her first photoshoot was in 2017 China, but she became a model actively in 2019. She hasn’t got many gigs so far, but she strives to obtain more opportunities and continue achieving her goals. She started when a friend, Sahar Alrayyah, a creative director, encouraged her to meet many photographers. She really motivated and admired Rima a lot.

Her social media persona, The Child Star, is known and loved by many. She is pretty active on her Instagram as she continues to post about her photoshoots and gorgeous makeup looks every day. Her multiple followers adore her content, which keeps her going and helps her create fantastic content every day.

Current life

The Star Child has always loved it when people take pictures of her which caused modelling to always been on her mind since she was a child. Just a few years ago, she started modelling for friends, and to this day, she is thankful for their encouragement. It was stepping out of the comfort zone that helped her to get over her insecurities and enjoy herself in front of the lens. Her best moments are the photoshoot with Wondurlast because it was very creative and it gained a lot of popularity, and the recently modelling gig for Made in Sudan.

She is currently a student at Ahfad University for women, where she aims to obtain a bachelor degree in management with a specialization in marketing. She is very active on her Instagram as The Star-Child because it is her way of self-expression. Her aspirations for the future are that she posts videos about fashion and makeup to inspire others while enjoying her daily stories with her adorable cat.

Her aims

Her life goal is to graduate from University, have her master’s degree in China and work for either an entertainment company or a fashion company. In the meantime, through social media, she is trying to inspire people to express their authentic selves. She believes that her fashion and makeup journey has pushed her to become the person she is today. Her creations helped her discover herself and then used it as a form of self-expression. She hopes that people viewing her content can experience the same. After all, her support system is her Instagram followers along with her friends and family.

She also realized how things like photoshoots helped her step out of her comfort zone. She no longer felt underconfident or insecure while being photographed

and flaunted her fashion, makeup and gorgeous style in front of the lens. She hopes that her journey inspires people who enjoy her content. She hopes that they realize that regardless of their age, they will achieve what they desire, understand who they are, and carry themselves with confidence and pride.

Rima’s Instagram: @rima.gala



Designer @picdaewoodcrafts  makeup artist @saharmuawia

Designer @sae.fash & photographer @medo_rock_

photographer @muhamed.jpg makeup by @turtalienne

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