Sahar Kojé Doha Style

Sahar Kojé – Entrepreneur and Fashion Sensation

Kojé is the youngest among her siblings and is close to her nephews and nieces. Along with all this, Sahar is a junior scientist pursuing a career in oncology/cancer research.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style

Sahar is currently residing in London, and she launched her startup in 2020 named KOJÉ apparel which happens to be her nickname. Sahar started Instagram blogging in 2017, and she has built quite an audience for herself then. Kojé likes to talk about fashion and travel while simultaneously bringing her followers’ attention to the Sudan uprising.

Sahar Kojé grew up in Abha, the capital of province Aseer of Saudia Arabia. She got her degree in Bachelors-of-Pharmacy from the University of Khartoum. It is one of the largest and the oldest universities in Sudan and was established in 1956 when Sudan became an independent country.

She did her post-graduation in Medical research at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology; this institution is also located in Khartoum, Sudan. For her MSc, she went to London and studied cancer therapeutics at the Queen Mary University of London. She wanted to study business ever since she was a kid, but she also found sciences captivating, so

she went for a degree in these subjects.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style

Online Blog

Sahar started her Instagram blog in 2017 while she was doing her MSc in London. She says she used to get compliments on her style from everyone, even strangers on the streets. Many of her friends used to go to her for stylings, tips, and tricks; she thought of building an online space to share her passion for fashion with everyone. She has an audience of more than 17k people, and she talks about everything from fashion and travel to the uprising in Sudan.


When talking about her inspirations, she talked about how her inspiration comes from women most of the time, especially her mom and her sister, and seeing them motivates her.

In terms of fashion what inspires Sahar is the places she goes to, on-going trends, fashion weeks, and seasons, she talked about the vogue attorney @iamnatashamayne; according to her, Natasha’s style is unique, colorful, bold. She also mentioned Instagram bloggers @blaireadiebee, @s4de_u, and @msorring; she says their style and fashion sense resonates with me. She also adores the Manchester-based blogger @simorenelda; her personality and simplicity are what she likes the most.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style


Her biggest challenge has been posting on her blog during super busy days at work; she has to manage her work-life alongside her online platform. Now that she has her startup and is also a pharmacist and medical researcher, her work timings sometimes overlap.

As a working woman, her challenges have been the brackets that women need to fit in. Sahar says it is ok if you are behind in your class. Suppose you are unable to find a job or earn a certain amount of money or whatever society has set as a standard for women. Sahar’s most challenging decision has been leaving her home and her family to live independently in the UK.

It was harsh, she says, but this also has taught her a lot. It helped her understand herself better, and she challenged herself daily to grow as a person.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style
Photographer: Sali Mudawi (@saliphotog)


Sahar’s most significant achievement is her brand, ‘KOJÉ’ that she launched in 2020 she says it was her proudest moment. In terms of fashion, being invited to shows at London fashion week SS19 and SS20. Kojé was also featured in 500 words magazine under the title of “Sudanese Beauty and fashion Bloggers You Should Follow.”

Her medical career vise her most significant achievement is her first publication in the British Medical Journal. ” On a personal level, she thinks she has accomplished

something when she recognizes her flaws and works hard on them to better herself as an individual and a part of society.

Sahar stays motivated by reminding herself that she is young, healthy, and talented, and nothing should stop her from pursuing her goals and dreams. On top of that, God has blessed her with spare time, so better use it wisely. That is something that gets her up on her feet again.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style


Sahar launched her fashion brand “KOJÉ Apparel” in 2020 after working on the business model and strategy for two long years. With covid, Kojé had the time to focus on her brand and give it her 100%. KOJÉ Apparel was born from her belief in classic, long-lasting fashion and not in fast fashion trends. With her brand, she came up with the concept of sustainable, timeless fashion.

You can use the items over an extended period, and you can also style them in different ways that would also maintain the attractiveness of the item you have bought. According to Sahar, sustainability does not mean compromising on fashion. You can find everything on the website (, from dresses to skirts to blouses and tops. Everything is available that too at a very reasonable price.

Sahar Kojé Doha Style

Advice to Younger Generation

Kojé was asked to advise the younger generation, and she found that question a bit difficult. Because her nieces would also be reading her interviews, and she wanted to lead by a good example.

She says for younger women who are just starting their careers need to know that they are beautiful whether you see it or not. You are capable of doing whatever you want to do, whether you know this or not. You are brilliant in maths if not in science if not you are artistic if not you are funny of not you are a good dancer if not you have a good eye in finding the odds.

You are good at something; you just need to find it, work on it, and show it off. You will fail and get rejected, but all of this is part of the process, and you would be so thankful for that either immediately or in the nearest future. All of these are lessons, and quite frankly, it would be boring if you got all of this quickly. Above all, you should enjoy your journey because once a day passes, it is never coming back again.

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