Sali Mudawi Doha Style

Sali Mudawi: Channelling Emotions Through Art

As Sali navigated through her interests, she found herself fascinated with structural design. And so emerged her passion for photography. The resemblance between the two cemented the foundation for Sali’s unique style in her photography. Sali further accelerated her love for the art after she graduated with an architectural degree with experience in the field.

Sali Mudawi Education

Sali Mudawi graduated from the University of Westminster with a bachelor of Arts-BA-Interior Architecture. Through her educational period, Sali Mudawi worked to consolidate existing skills while also exposing herself to theories that dive into the realm of utility and beauty. Through this, Sali learned about the technical skill and practical craft that went into fully realising design ideas.

Hence, further polishing her skills and building a solid foundation in the field. The extensive knowledge ranging from colour, lights, material to texture and the further tectonic aspects of the design have helped Sali develop an understanding of visualising an interior design, allowing her to excel in the field.

Aali Mudawi Doha Style
Aali Mudawi Doha Style
Sahar Koje


If you head off to Sali Mudawi’s Instagram and her website, you find yourself immersed in photography so focused yet meaningful. Sali focuses on her landscapes and gives them her very own unique touch. While working on her Architecture degree, Sali developed a keen eye for structural design. Now, this included quite a lot of photography and hence started her love for art. As she continues to capture landscapes through her camera, the message through the pictures is clear. Sali gets behind the lens and polished up on her skills as a consistent part of the photography journey from streets to sunsets to height photography.

For Sali, a good shot is one where she ponders why it is so, evaluating its key characteristics, how she could implement her technique better in the future. You can find proof of this in her ever-improving and evolving work.

Apart from landscapes, Sali Mudawi likes to capture people. Their moments, their memories, their emotions, and convey them to the world. As you rifle through her work, you see pictures of people with different backgrounds, different ethnicities at various locations, expressing unique emotions and moments through every photo she captures.

Sali captures individuality, what makes everyone so different; her pictures contain personality as well as passion. Her photography is hers to wield, so she uses it for humanitarian movements to bring about a better world.

Sali Mudawi Doha Style
Sali Mudawi Doha Style

Skillset & Recognition

Emerging as a photographer, Sali was quick to make a name for herself. Her discerning outlook and exceptional attention to detail deliver guaranteed results ensuring recognition in her work. Sali Mudawi is someone in love with her work, and with that comes passion and dedication like no other. Her passion for all types of photography proves itself in her work.

Where she captures the perfect shot, she stops and ponders what makes it so, and in the process, Sali has grown to be an excellent photographer with a warm intent to capture moments. However, Sali enjoys capturing people the most. Capturing that moment channeling all the fun and joy the memorable experience had created for someone and giving her photography emotion. Her work embodies her core values, being authentic, innovative, and daring in everything that she does.

Along with people, Sali captures still imagery with enthusiasm unmatched, pushing through with her passion and delivering extraordinary results while also coming through with her unique vision. Her works contributed to several remarkable events and causes in London. The recognition, of course, didn’t just end there. Her unique style was recognized and published by esteemed establishments that included Buzzfeed, BBC News, and Channel 4. The spectrum of her recognition doesn’t just end there; Sali Mudawi has also worked with Vans, Sephora, Patta NL, and Rollercoaster Magazine.

Sali Mudawi Doha Style
Sali Mudawi Doha Style


Sali Mudawi has a lot of experience when it comes to her field. Several respected agencies have recognised her talents. Her Editorial Shoots include the following:

  • NaLima Boutique, Saudi 
  • French Fries Magazine
  • Rollacoaster Magazine
  • Leni’s Agency

Along with several Editorial Shoots with esteemed companies, Sali also worked on Portraits which include the following:

  • AFROPUNK, Paris 
  • Shado Magazine 
  • Expression Magazine
  • Rollacoaster Magazine

Not only that, but Sali also went onto work on Commercial Shoots, including:

For Patta, Netherlands featured in:

  • Hypebeast
  • Highsnobiety 
  • Complex UK

Sali Mudawi is an up-and-coming freelance photographer who set out to capture moments and memories. Her photography continues to evolve. With the passion and dedication it comes with, her art’s beauty is hard to ignore.

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