Shadia Doha Style

Shadia H- An Endearing Woman

Being initially from Somalia, she belongs to the Muslim ethnicity. Shadia’s career transitioning is highly endearing and remarkable as she shifted from a highly stable job of being a full-time nurse towards starting a clothing line on her own. Women like Shadia are scarce to find who would risk their career and go for something they like keeping in view the irrational views of people towards hijabs and hijabi women at current times. Her endearing nature is unparalleled and influences other women who are in the dilemma of choosing what they like to do and what they are conditioned to do.

Shadia Doha Style
Shadia Doha Style

Shadia began her work life as a nurse in a hospital. She devoted her initial years of life to serving for the betterment of her patients. Like doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff, the well-being of their patients comes first, and therefore she devoted her entire time serving them with undivided attention.

Life isn’t always how we want it to be but is solely how we plan it. Hence, Shadia reached a turning point in her life where she decided to bid farewell to being a nurse, started a clothing line of her own, and started devoting her time to formulate and design hijab for women.

Shadia Doha Style
Shadia Doha Style

Modesty by Shadia

Shadia, the nurse, turned fashion entrepreneur, seamlessly adapted herself to women’s fashion, still being an ambassador of Muslim women worldwide. She started her business in August 2020 by the name of “Modesty by Shadia” with the launch of satin hijabs and stripe dresses. It’s an online business with a studio collection also available. You can find the shop on Instagram: @modesty_byshadia.

Through her breathable hijabs and gowns, she has won the hearts of many customers. She has produced fashionable yet functional head coverings for women and has blessed her line with different styles and prints ranging from florals to stripes dresses and loosely fit belt-tied gowns. She seems to provide a wide variety in what she does the best and keeps the customer’s interest first and foremost.

Shadia’s best interest is to provide her customers with the most reliable wearable and breathable modest clothes; hence she launches her seasonal collection from time to time. Her straightforward style and fashion sense are viewed in her Summer and autumn collections, the former primarily based on floral patterns and prints. At the same time, winter has a darker theme and runs between beige and brown colored jackets and hoodies, furs, and sweaters. As a Somali, her line has a touch of Somali culture as well.

Now, she has expanded her scheme of work and added hair care products, food, and cosmetic products to it.

Her urge to provide her statement pieces to women worldwide has made her take international orders and deliver them anywhere in the world. This way, she shows herself as a highly commendable entrepreneur trying to connect with women outside Switzerland.

An advocate of women empowerment

Shadia grew up not wearing the hijab and decided on her own to wear it when she was 24y old. One of the reasons she wanted to create a modest fashion store is that when she started wearing the hijab, she struggled to find modest and fashionable clothes.

Shadia is the face of her brand “Modesty by Shadia.” She is an empowered woman and hence advocates the same idea. As mentioned earlier, she entirely transitioned her career and is now working day and night towards her brand that endorses women wearing hijabs and feeling the best. She did all this despite knowing that some cultures are downright hateful towards modesty and women wearing hijabs. She aims to teach self-confidence in hijab-wearing women worldwide by her compelling and innovative products and to connect with her customers in a meaningful way.

Misinterpretation of hijab is widespread, and liberals believe it is restrictive and suppressing; however, she has very nicely propelled through it by being the first hijab-wearing model in Switzerland.

She was signed by the Swiss model agency, People of Publicity and Named Models from the U.K, which is an outstanding achievement. Hence she comes out as an inspirational woman who is capable of breaking the norms of society.

Shadia Doha Style
Shadia Doha Style

Social Presence and self-love

Her social media handles also radiate a lot of self-love and feminism, and a positive outlook towards life. In her recent post on Instagram, Shadia says, “I am, what a woman is, a woman of power, deeper than the roots of trees, deeper than the roots of islands.” One of her other posts is captioned as “In every woman, there is a queen.” She utilizes her social media to project women’s empowerment and showcase the amazingly styled dresses that a woman can wear and feel confident because she believes women can be beautiful without showing skin.

Her Ambitions

Shadia came out as a very competent and skilled entrepreneur in a minimal time and seamlessly handled all the work. She is currently working on many projects. She aspires to expand her business and introduce more user-friendly products catering not only to women but men also with a wider variety to choose from.

Shadia is a wonder woman who inspires other women to break free from the typical and vicious cycle of life and follow your dream despite difficulties. She also preaches self-love by being comfortable in who you are and what you believe in and projects her thought process in her beautifully designed dress and hijabs. In a short period, she has emerged as a highly commendable entrepreneur and is a beacon of light for most women.









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