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Soulja – The Newly Crowned King of The Arab Rap Scene

Due to his native Sudanese rapping style, Soulja has quickly transformed his love and interest for Music into a full-blown career, with his latest EP Nomadic sending absolute shockwaves throughout the Arab rap scene due to its eccentric vibes and groovy beat.

An Introduction

Usama ‘Soulja’ Ashraf. Soulja used to work on his Music as a hobby since High School. However, he has expanded his musical sense and embraced his hobby as his career since the past year. Even with the emergence of a Global Pandemic, he has cemented himself as a musical Genius when it comes to Arab rap. Soulja mentions how he was a big fan of Football and other sports when he grew up. However, his passion did not align with anything else except Music, which always grew on him. In the end, he realized that perhaps his true calling was the world of rap since he was always drawn to it from his childhood.

Soulja Concert Doha Style
Soulja Concert Doha Style 2

Being a Sudanese residing in Malaysia, he has had the exposure an artist requires to broaden his musical sense while also developing a love for his own Sudanese culture, which can be further seen in his Music. Instead of starting slow, Soulja has always dreamt of popping off with a bang. Therefore, he has been teasing his fans with his new EP Nomadic. This has been going on for quite a while now, which features collaborations from various artists in the scene.

Nomadic – An EP To Remember:

Soulja’s first and latest EP Nomadic features four songs from Sudanese heavyweights alongside international artists like Australian-based Bassline8. Soulja doesn’t prefer releasing singles for his debut as it hinders his message as an artist. Instead, according to him, it makes more sense for an entire EP to come out, which gives you a taste of Soulja in his entirety and what he is willing to offer to the Arab rap scene in general.

As a Sudanese Rapper, he feels as if the Sudanese rap scene has exploded. Many fans have now started loving the genre itself, and their passion for Music has

skyrocketed. Especially with the pandemic, most of them are now stuck in their homes. With this new influx of fans, Soulja felt it was pivotal for him to capitalize on the market and release his new EP as it introduces a lot of new Sudanese youngsters to the genre. Moreover, due to his critical acclaim, his rap has grown over to other regions in MENA as well.

Soulja Doha Style 3
Soulja Doha Style 1

For his EP itself, it features these particular songs:


Marrakesh (feat. O’d & Rotation)

Amazighi (feat. Shaf)

Easy (feat. TooDope & 77)

Most of his Music features a Hybrid blend of English and Arabic. Therefore, his songs are unique in terms of their groove, beat, and lyrical progression.

Soulja: Critical Acclaim

Soulja has always been one for the fame. From a humble Sudanese background, he has quickly cemented himself at the top of the scene. Even though many young fans might think of him as a generic Rapper, his style is anything but generic. With the introduction of new grooves and beats mixed up with his native Sudanese Arabic accent, he has made a name for himself in the most challenging times.

By taking modern trap sound and adding his iconic vibe to it, it is obvious why famous Sudanese rappers like O’D, Rotation, and TooDope were willing to work with him. With recommendations and features from recognized artists like O’D, his Music has quickly grabbed the attention of everyone interested in Arabic rap.

With this newcomer’s charm and wit, as can be seen in interviews with reputed Sudanese broadcasting networks like Pro 106.6, Soulja has all the marking for a true superstar. However, the young star remains humble and does not forget his roots focusing on the ethnic Sudanese rap that has taken him to such heights in the first place.

Follow Soulja on Instagram: @souljamusic

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