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Supergood- the Storytelling Artist

Ahmed Hassan was born and raised in Doha, Qatar. He goes by the name Supergood and has become a talented visual artist. No matter what the task is, Supergood lives up to his name and produces fantastic work right before your eyes.

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Early Life

In 2015, Ahmed got his first iPhone, and it changed his career goals completely. He would take pictures on the street whenever he felt like it. After Ahmed showed it to his friends, they all agreed that it was truly unique. Slowly, he discovered his true potential and created an Instagram page where he started posting these pictures. After Supergood received an overwhelming response, he realized how good he really was. He then took those iPhone pictures a step further and taught himself photography, videography, and graphic designing.

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The Path to Self-Discovery

Ahmed soon identified his art style and moved past the phase of taking random pictures. He determined exactly what he wanted and what he was good at. Ahmed realized how that one picture told its own story. He then started to study photography by analyzing other artists and visualizing the process of them taking pictures. The thought of being able to be a storyteller through the click of a button encapsulated him as his pictures began having conversations with him. He says that this way, photography became his first language of expression.

In 2017 he travelled to Malaysia to study Communication and media studies. He learnt graphic designing and colours and the idea of how layers can create meaning. He took all of this into account and began taking random photographs until he could identify what he wanted to do most. Amongst this journey, he fell even more in love with the idea of art and figured out what h wanted- to tell a story. He began creating stories and characters and enjoyed it so much that it fulfilled a part of him that once felt empty.

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With time, Supergood created a large number of projects. One of the first was titled “Overthinking under the lamp” and has a fascinating story behind it. When he was in Sudan crowded with thoughts, taking pictures was the only thing that calmed him down. He then began to create fictional characters. He made his first character a week after he graduated from high school. It was about a rich, humble Sudanese man who was pretty regular.

After he graduated, he promised himself to make an art exhibition before going to study university abroad. In December 2016, he fulfilled this dream. Supergood created a project called “Colorful ghost.” This project was designed to tell the story of his adventures around Doha while exploring multiple sites. He ended up leaving traces of himself everywhere I went in the process, which excited him. He called it “Colorful ghost” to signify the various emotions he felt in different places in the form of colours. He considered it a farewell project, and regardless of how complex it sounds, he did it in a matter of two days in a mutual friend’s backyard. He later shot a movie called “Elham” after discovering his love for filmmaking.


After Ahmed discovered his love for creating characters for his stories, he created them to his heart’s content. His first character was Mr Bishkeer, who was a simple but rich Sudanese man. Other characters he created include Awadyah Octopus, Dr Ahmed Lateef, Nuha the Goat, Princess Sittana, and Tembrlee Twin Brother. Each of these characters had a unique identity, conflict and desire. He created each of them at different stages of his life and actually described his emotions. Even though they explained how he felt, he made sure never to show skin. He describes it as if his feelings are wearing the cloth and filling it.

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In the beginning, editing pictures was simply telling a story. It wasn’t until after he finished editing the pictures that AHmed realized how he felt and how his stories conveyed his emotions. For example, Nuha THE GOAT, one of his characters, talked about Supergood taking his niece to the park to take pictures of her. Although it seems like a simple story, it is actually one of his deepest desires. He longs to take his niece to a park and take pictures of her, but she lives in the UK, so it can be difficult. The fascinating part is that he could never identify how his work was a form of self-expression until the very end, when it was complete. He didn’t recognize it while taking pictures or creating the character. It was in the end.

Another example that Ahmed pointed out is Dr Ahmed Lateef, who was a doctor who lost everything. He realized that he created this character after losing all the files for his first movie, which he spent over five months planning and shooting. After multiple cases like this, he realized that his pictures and work reflected his own emotions.

After he realized these things, his desire to tell stories grew, and he sought more methods to do so. That is where his love for film making sparked. He was fascinated by how moving images could tell a story, and he began creating his own. Although he lost the files to the first movie he wrote and shot, he didn’t lose hope. He learned from those experiences and applied them to the next film he recently came out with, “Elham.”

Throughout his journey, art, pictures, and stories have always stayed with Ahmed as he transforms his ideas into beautiful works that others can relate to. The reason for his numerous fans is his love for art and his talent to create stories from simple pictures and characters.

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