Hoosh – The Sound of Sudan

Sudanese-born Hoosh has taken the Musical World by storm with his unique take on R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, and Soul. Having the privilege to travel to different places worldwide, including most of the Middle East and the United States.

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Shahd Show – Episode (5)

Why Should We Stop Thinking About People Opinion!

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Video Interview: Ayah Hassan

As part of the Heart to Heart Q&A Series, Doha Style interviewed the make-up artist.

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Small Talks By Eiman – Episode (7)

Different Body Shapes!

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A-yeah Show: Episode (9)

As part of the Doha Style Guest Blogging Program, Ayah, the Makeup Artist, shares her content with Doha Style Followers and Subscribers.

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Rawan Ata Almanan-An emerging makeup artist and style icon!

Rawan Ishag, also known by the name of Rawan Ata Almanan, is an Arabic Muslim. She is a makeup artist based in Dubai. She has a very positive outlook on life. And she tries to inculcate it in her followers by intricately winding the message through her art.

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Small Talks By Eiman – Episode (6)

Screen Addiction in Children!

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