Tibyan Fareed Doha Style

Tibyan Fareed – A Fascinating Journey!

Tibyan Fareed began her journey by painting on wood and furniture and then selling those to her family and friends. Ultimately, she has now established her identity through her brand and continues to flourish.

Tibyan Fareed Doha style

Where it all started

Tibyan has been deeply inspired by her mother ever since she was a child. Her mother raised five kids, and now as fate would have it, Tibyan is the mother of four children. Her mother has been an embodiment of perfection for her; she has motivated Tibyan to be resolute in the face of obstacles and remain steadfast no matter what. Whatever success Tibyan has achieved and continues to, she credits her mother for them.

It was because of Tibyan’s mother, Nadia, and her unfaltering support for her daughter that Tibyan finally resorted to opening her brand, “Masayer.” Additionally, Tibyan takes pride in being labeled as a fashion lover and an Interior Designer because there are the things she loves to do.

Tibyan Fareed Doha style

Masayer – A New Beginning

Tibyan’s brand Masayer has made its social presence known on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. When seven years ago, Tibyan endeavored to open her brand, she was unaware of the fact that she would achieve so much recognition in a short time. Of course, it is natural to feel unsure, conflicted, and double-minded when opting for such a venture, but Tibyan made sure that it never affected her.

Her brand Masayer’s goal is to provide geometrically neat shapes that can then be added with detail to give them an exceptional and unique look. Throughout her journey, Tibyan has produced some of the finest artworks on wood, fabric, leather, and furniture. She isn’t afraid to try new things.

She has made custom-made designs on leather shoes; she has also showcased her skills by hand painting on fabrics. Furthermore, she has also made designs wooden utensils, boxes, and other pieces of furniture.

Tibyan Fareed Doha style

“A Jack of all trades”

Tibyan’s work makes no use of machinery or any other tools that give her accuracy or immense precision in her work. It is only her talent and her sense of better judgment that aids her in producing her work and therefore displaying it in front of the whole world.

If you see any of coming across any of her artworks on Instagram, you are likely to see the #Lovemywork. This in itself is a message to everyone out there to do what they’re passionate about. Tibyan’s objective is not to make money or publicize herself – it is to demonstrate to the world that she takes great joy in the work she does, and she wants others to do the same. She believes in following one’s passion and sticking to it. Perhaps, this thinking and mindset of hers were what assisted her greatly in making Masayer a possibility.

She has also done a few giveaways on her page in order to reciprocate the love that she has received from her fans.

During the Sudanese Revolution, there was an outcry for change. It was because the women of Sudan wanted their voices to be heard. Sudan was known for suppressing females’ voices in its country; freedom of speech and expression were unheard of before the Revolution.

Once the Revolution began, Tibyan too supported it whole-heartedly and believed that change was necessary. #RevolutionTillVictory, #ComeSeparateMe were a few hashtags that Tibyan used in order to challenge the oppressive regime of Sudan at that time. She knew that to secure the rights of future generations of Sudan; she has to raise her voice against the injustices that she and many other women were facing.

Every contribution is invaluable, be it a large or a small one. She had posted a picture of stating STRIKE that further displayed her intention of plucking out the injustices women had to face. For her, men and women are equal and are in no way supposed to be superior to one another. Equality makes the world better, and this is the perception that she continues to follow.

Currently, she was seen collaborating with the designer “Nawar Kamal,” who is the Sudanese Jewelry Line owner. She uses eco-friendly products to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth and prevent further polluting the environment.

Tibyan is not afraid to voice out her thoughts; her brand Masayer is based on providing products that aim for customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, her designs also vividly display her passion for her job, and this is something she wishes every woman to aim for. Although Masayer is still growing, Tibyan’s fan base is sure to give her appreciation for all her hard work. For her fans, she is nothing short of an inspiration.

Tibyan Fareed Doha style

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