Toomi Doha Style

Toomi: The Multitalented Woman Who Steals the Spotlight

Toomi first realized her love for singing when she was in her teens. With time, she began stretching out to modeling and even photography and editing.

Fatima Sultan always had big ambitions and developed the skill and love for singing at a young age. When she became a college student, she started taking it more seriously and making herself better.

She often credits her passion for music to Mr. Mamdouh or Porto, her music teacher. He was the one who inspired her to step out of her comfort zone and helped her realize that she has a talent like no other. In addition to Mr. Porto, she also credits Ustaza Amaal Alnor, her current vocal couch who helps her a lot. With time, she began achieving great things in the music industry, which brought her to today. Along with that, she is also a model. She credits a Tirhal campaign, her first modeling gig, to be why she started enjoying and considering modeling as another form of art.

Although Toomi has achieved so much, she is still receiving a formal education from the Ahfad University of Women, where she obtains a Bachelor of Medicine degree.

Toomi’s Life Online

Toomi Doha Style

This 23-year-old Sudanese artist and model have reached heights that seemed unreachable in the past. As she enjoys singing different styles of music, she is seen posting videos of herself on her social media. This is because they think of music as a passion rather than a hobby. As an online content creator, Fatima uses applications such as TikTok more frequently as it helps her create entertaining content and fun. She aims to blend music with creativity and does so effortlessly, proven by her 11.3k Instagram followers and 77.6K TikTok followers.

She also considers her online life to be a way to connect with her fans and followers. She prefers to use her platform to raise her voice and allow others to do the same while adding to herself by learning new things, meeting new exciting people, and attending exciting events.

Notable Performances

As a fantastic artist and singer, she has been in multiple performances and concerts that have boosted her popularity. Some of the most impressive performances she’s had as a vocalist are her opening performance for the release party of Salute Yal Bannot’s album BitterSweet in 2021, UNICEF’s Youth event in September 2019. She also achieved the position of lead singer in the Ahfad University for Women Orchestra in November 2016. Fatima was also a freelance voice-over artist for “EYES,” a Project by SUDIA and UNDP, in September 2020.

That’s not all! Since Toomi is a model, too, she’s seen in multiple projects. She was in the vega/Sudan fashion line in March 2021, she collaborated with Naila in the drag drip in January 2021, and she was in Nadine al Roubi’s upcoming song cover in January 2021 too. But there’s more. Fatima collaborated with makeup by Aziza & Esam in February 2020 and was also in the Tirhal promotional campaign in April 2019, which happened to be her first modeling opportunity.

Toomi Doha Style

Awards and Achievements

After these numerous successful performances with a voice like no other and an incomparable modeling strategy, Toomi was bound to obtain several achievements, and that is what she did. She has bagged several awards and achievements over the years, including her feature on the Bait al Nisa art blog, the 2018 Camino de Santiago in Spain where she represented Ahfad University for Women and Sudan, the TexMeroe Project blog 2018, where she wrote an article titled “A week in my grandmothers Toub” and the Emirates Environmental Group Public Speaking competition, Dubai 2017 where she won first place in the competition as part of a term that worked on the topic of the future of power.

Female Empowerment

One of Toomi’s most significant achievements is Jameela. It is a movement or online campaign she started in 2018. It promotes self-acceptance and self-love amongst women through videos and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It went viral, and Fatima soon began receiving messages on how it helped numerous women accept and love themselves inside out for the way they are.

She believes that all women are inspiring in one way or another because each of them has a different story to tell. She hopes to create a society where each woman builds herself while helping others around her as well. She hopes that women, united, can fight against all the negativity that comes their way and work together for a better tomorrow where they love themselves for who they are.

Fatima’s friends consider her to be outspoken, warm, caring, thoughtful, confident, visionary, and fierce. These traits, coupled with her unique talents, are bound to produce a successful woman who will never let anything get in her way. Toomi has proven that women can obtain whatever they desire to work for it with her mesmerizing voice and fantastic skills.

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