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Vega Fashion Line- the Solution to Your Every Fashion Need

They identified how they pay attention to tiny details, unlike brands from multinational cooperations, and realized the need for something different that everyone would love. They created a Sudanese brand, Vega Fashion Line, for all the Sudanese women who want clothes that stand out from the crowd.

Vega Doha Style

The Idea

On 9th January 2021, Omnia and Zahwa sat together, eating just like any other day. These two were chatting when the idea of Fashion sprouted. They talked about how they loved picking and designing what they wear. Their love for mixing and matching clothes was beyond compare. But one crucial thing was missing: an outlet with which they could share their exquisite sense of style.

This idea is how the concept of the Vega Fashion line was born. They began working tirelessly to achieve the line of their dreams. Finally, on 27th March 2021, they launched their very first line on their online store. They filled it with an array of beautiful dresses, jackets, and much more. They called this collection “UNIQUE,” which is entirely appropriate since it is like no other!

The Founders' Passion

The founders of the Vega Fashion line are two beautiful and talented Sudanese women: Zahwa and Omnia. For Zahwa, Fashion has always been more than just going out to shop and returning with random articles that seem nice. She has always seen Fashion as a goal, and she found the authentic version of herself in this process. Whenever someone begins talking or discussing Fashion, she always gets so happy and excited and loved including herself in the conversation.

Whenever Zahwa picks out an outfit or designs a new skirt, dress, blouses, or any article of clothing, she obtains renewed joy, and there is nowhere else she’d rather be than in that closet or room doing what she loves most. She first discovered her love and passion for Fashion when she grew older and independently chose her outfits. After that, she never looked back and created gorgeous designs to her heart’s content. Fashion is and always will be a big goal and target of Zahwa’s, and she intends to spend her life practicing it.

Vega Doha Style

The other founder of the Fashion line is Omnia. In the simplest terms, she loves Fashion and design. She discovered this passion very early and began pursuing it by working with several people in the Fashion sector. She took all this experience, passion, and talent and converted it into her own business with her partner Zahwa at the Vega Fashion line. She tends to see Fashion as a lifestyle rather than a hobby or habit.

It brings her great joy to wake up every day, choose and carefully pick out her outfit. She thinks that the best part of her day is noticing all the little details in what she decides to wear. Even though she does this every morning, she never gets tired or bored at all. She says that she finds the “true Omnia” when she gets up to choose outfits. Regardless of whether she is putting something fabulous together for herself or someone else, she will always have a blast doing so. Along this journey of putting clothes together, she discovered her love for Fashion and poured it into the Vega Fashion line.

A Brand You Can Trust

Vega Fashion line is a Sudanese brand inspired by two girls who prefer quality over quantity. In fact, that is their slogan and the values they live by. As a result, anything that they offer is bound to be of the best quality out there. The girls invest so much time and effort into creating these gorgeous designs, and it’s impossible not the love their creations.

One of the many amazing things about the Vega Fashion line is its aim. They aim to provide Sudanese women with new unique styles and everyday looks. This fact proves that this brand will have outfits like no other. Take a look at their first line, “UNIQUE COLLECTION, ” which is even unique in its name. All of the jackets and dresses are like no other. You’ll leave everyone in awe as they flood around you, wondering where you got that fabulous jacket from. Their promise of uniqueness is always fulfilled.

Vega Doha Style

Sudanese women run the brand that creates clothes for other Sudanese women. This means that they’ll know precisely what their consumers are looking for. If that isn’t enough for you, take a look at both Omnia and Zahwa’s love ad passion for Fashion. They talk about Fashion clothing and designing as if they are in love with it and have labeled it to help them discover who they are and practice what they love. These words of true passion and determination prove their love for Fashion design which means that everything they create for Vega Fashion line will be the best thing out there.

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