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WD Al-Zain- a Performer with Passion

WD Al-Zain began trying multiple things, such as drums and singing until he finally found what he wanted to pursue. He is now well known in the music industry and continues to enlarge his fan base every day as he creates and releases new and fantastic content.

In 2009, Wd Al-Zain picked up a drum set and began learning how to play. As expected, he was phenomenal. During this time, he began experimenting with singing to accompany his instrumentals. He didn’t realize until 2014 that the singing he did for fun was much better than he actually thought. He had an incredible voice and could sing amazingly. He sang casually during he’s participating on Sudanese voices orgnization,and soon became an amateur singer during the first months of Zain Records launched, in 2016 after displaying his fantastic vocal skills. He soon was officially represented by Zain Records which was owned by Wd Al-Zain’s big brother, his vocals teacher, producer and Artistic manager, Zain Ali. Here, he became more a mature singer. After he was able to gain some representation and standing through Zain records, he started a band in 2017 called “In a friendly way”. “The SanRise Band” Ever since then, things have always gone uphill for Wd Al-Zain and in 2018, he created his first video clip with Zain records.

wd al-zain doha style

Immense Dedication

Wd Al-Zain has always been the kind of person who is steadfast and remains true to his passions. This can be proven by a notable incident that occurred in his university. He completed Secondary school in Omdurman, after which he began studying at the University of Technology and Computer Sciences. During his time there, the university administration asked him to cut his hair Wd Al-Zain considered his hair to represent his identity, and he decided to leave the university, which is why he didn’t graduate from there. Instead, he started studying Musical Theory at Ali Al-Zain musical centre. This shows that he was highly dedicated to his music and identity. He wasn’t going to let the administration of any university change his or his passions.

After forming the band, Wad Al-Zain kick-started his music career. He managed to create a fan base that’s connected to his identity and believed in a message similar to his. After he realized that people genuinely enjoyed his music and voice, he started to create an album in January 2019, but fate was not on his side. They never finished it because of a significant security breach. They took the studio’s equipment and instruments under custody. Although their first attempt to create music ended so severely, Wd Al-Zain wasn’t ready to quit. This determination and strong-willed personality are what brought him where he is today.

wd al-zain doha style

Wad Al-Zein Performances

After he began working with Zain Records, a platform for Sudanese youth, he found his voice, and it paved the way to the many performances he did. His first party was at a Jazz Cafe in 2017, after which he was sure that he was doing what he loved. He then participated in the Karmakol International Festival, where they sang “Alila Lageto – I met (my lover) tonight” beautifully. After returning from the Karmakol International Festival, they filmed and uploaded the same song on their YouTube channel. This created an even larger fanbase as the comments were flooded with positivity and appreciation.


After this success, Wad Al-Zein participated in a project, One Minute Covers, that Zain Records was doing. He covered one of jr gong Damian Marley’s songs and Ahmed Ya-Habibi, which is a Sofi song to Reggae music. As expected, everyone loved Wd Al-Zain’s beautiful voice and beautiful versions of the song. Before, his work used to be featured on the Zain Records YouTube channel, but with time, he began creating so much content, and his fan base grew so large that different platforms had to be made for Wd Al-Zain so that his fan base could continue to grow as he did what he loved most.


wd al-zain doha style

Current Life

After these multiple successful performances, Wd Al-Zain launched his first EP (Extended Play), which he titled Shams El Adl, which means Sun of Justice. A revolutionary project that combines the origin of Sudanese culture attempt to reflect the current seen in Sudan post the revolution.

The album was a fusion of reggae and the local Sudanese music in general, The central theme that is aimed to bring about was the generalized theme that reggae brings contextualized to the Sudanese identity. The album consists of several national-revolutionary songs that display Wd Al-Zain’s road to where he is now and the Reggae message of love and peace.

Today, Wd Al-Zain continues to perform for his fans, including his over 21K Instagram followers

In 2021, for example, he performed in Uganda: Pearl rhythm virtual event program

He’s latest cover of Mahmoud abdulaziz

“Aktobi Lai”,

Wd Al-Zain has proven to be a multitalented individual who can play instruments and sing wonderfully with over 5 million views on YouTube through Zain Records. His music manages to cause everyone to shut the world off and get lost in his mesmerizing voice, and understand the perspective he brings. His story teaches his fans that no one can force you to change what you credit your identity to. He also teaches that regardless of what difficulties come your way, it is essential to constantly work to overcome those hurdles and do your best to fulfil your tasks to achieve your dreams to the fullest.

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