Why wasnt I told this about acne as a teenager?

acne skin clean
Acne skin clean

I don’t know if it was puberty or hormonal upheaval, but the friends I do know this, my teenage years were miserable because of one thing: Acne.

Well, based on what some people say about Positive thinking and all, I guess I allowed it to have too much control over me. However, at that age, how the heck was I to know about all that? Moreover, with bumps, bumps, and more bumps all over my face, it was kind of hard you know. I doubt if any girl would have wanted to kiss a guy with a big red bump nestled on his lip today or his nose the next.

Needless to say, those were sad years, and had I known then what I know now about acne, folks, it would have been a different story. Either way, it goes, I still come across helpless and understandably sad teenagers almost on a daily basis, so if it helps any: if you are a teenager or know of a teenager who is plagued with pimples, here are a few tips that should help you cure your acne in no time.

  1. First and foremost, I care not what some sites and product endorsers say about how diet doesn’t affect acne; you have got to make a change in your eating habits, plain and simple. You are what you eat. If you want to have clearer skin and the added bonus of improved health, of course eating right will be essential. That said: Fruits and vegetable friends. Shop more in the produce aisle and steer clear of the snack stands at the cash register. I know it may sound boring for a teenager, but trust me, it’s worth the sacrifice and this forms the basis of an internal acne treatment right there from its root cause.
    healthy food
    Healthy food
  2. For external acne-care, you could learn such simple tips as double cleansing, facial massaging, and exercises. However, (now I’m speaking from what I went through, and believe me, I had acne BAD) simply washing your face with nothing but clean hands and plain cool water may perhaps be the most efficient way to clean the pores. Combined with the facial massaging and occasional steaming of the face, this will be very sufficient to clean the skin.
    Woman Double Cleansing
    Woman Double Cleansing
  3. Change your pillowcases daily and make sure you have a towel exclusively for your face or you could employ the use of paper towels.
  4. If you use greasy hair-products, shampoo the hair before retiring, or at least use a clean do-rag to hinder the introduction of oily substances to the pillowcase and inevitably your face while asleep.
  5. On that subject, try to also sleep on the right side. Besides checking against contaminations getting in the face, this is great for the heart and lungs and allows for better and restful sleep (which coincidentally helps with controlling acne.)
  6. Deal with stressful situations amicably. This is another topic in itself, but briefly these works: Proper diet (factor #1), proper thinking habits, and exercise.
inspecting acne
Inspecting acne

For stress, allow me to mention Yoga-don’t have the space to explain why, but friends, with its sun-exercises and its derivative, Hindu pushups, Yoga is awesome for stress-relief. Moreover, for teenagers who are more likely to engage in sports and other recreational activities, you’ll be getting the added advantage of improving your fitness levels and your own body weight on that.

Boy, had I known of some of these in my time. Well, don’t let the story of my teenage years be yours, a sad one because of one thing-Acne.

With the tips above, I can confidently assure you it won’t be the case.

Just remember you owe me and my payment is to pass it on to your friends if they need it.   (I want every teen with acne to know of this chuckle)

Here’s to clearer skin naturally.



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