Youssef Fawzi Doha Style

Youssef Fawzi: He Is In It For The SAX!

Youssef brought his talent and proved to everyone that skill in a single instrument can take you very far. Youssef Fawzi is an independent Saxophonist, musician and music producer who has come this far with the help of passion and exploration. His skills are limitless, and he plays a range of variants and genres, but he’s known for the amazing tunes that his saxophone emits, bringing stories to life in the form of music.

Youssef always had a deep-rooted passion for the saxophone, and he had a thirst for learning as fast as he could. As a result, he bought his first saxophone in 2014 and taught himself how to play at home, which is highly commendable. He spent ages reading books and watching lessons until he had learnt how to play the instrument beautifully. Along the path to learning, he fell in love with the art he was able to create with his music. So, he chose to dedicate his entire career to making music and performing live. He hoped that with his work, he would be able to transform the instrumental music field into a visually and audibly phenomenal experience. This became his ultimate aim throughout his time in the industry.

Youssef Fawzi Doha Style


With talent like Youssef’s, it’s impossible not to have a range of successful performances that people adore going to. Amongst his numerous live performances alone and with other talented artists, there are two things that he is the proudest of throughout his time performing. He is immensely pleased to have been able to share the stage with the international Trumpeter, Ibrahim Maalouf, at his Great Pyramids performance in March 2016 and. Along with this, his most outstanding achievement was to perform at L’Oratoire Du Louvre, which is one of France’s most historic monuments.

Other than these, he has also performed in over 500 weddings and corporate events for major brands. These include some well-known brands such as Armani, Massimo Dutti, Audi, Timberland, Lancome, and so many more. His achievements don’t end there. Youssef is so highly demanded in the industry and has landed performances in the south beach opening, the Cairo Jazz Festival, and even Miss Egypt 2020’s finale. All of these have added to his already well-known reputation and have made him popular and a favorite in so many eyes.

Youssef Fawzi Doha Style

Work and Achievements

As he diverted all of his attention to his music, Youssef Fawzi created a series of works that he considers his achievements as well. One of his most famous creations is Remember and its music video. He has beautifully designed a journey from self-doubt to inner peace with the help of his glorious tunes and a Spanish-Arabic dance in the music video. His saxophone did a fantastic job here. It mainly consists of the saxophone along with an Arabic oud and strings with a little bit of electronic groove- the recipe to perfection. His original track is a piece that so many popular and well-known sources have featured, and so many people rave over it. It is definitely a tune you can dance to whenever you feel like listening to some music.

He frequently comes out with numerous covers of other songs with a saxophone. He somehow manages to recreate the entire tune of the song with a straightforward instrument. One can immediately identify what song he aims to replicate, and many even find his version better than most. Some of his famous covers include Bella Ciao, Charles Barkley’s crazy, Bakkar and many more. His minute mood series is dedicated to these covers, and he comes out with so many very often.

Youssef Fawzi Doha Style

Other than his work in music, he has been featured in notable articles and talk shows. Some of these reputable ones include Casual talks with Soudan and spiral magazine. He recently came out with “Haeve music.” Haeve music is a music production agency, we produce music for tv and commercials. Their latest music productions were for PlayStation and they telecom too. He created this platform so that people like him who have fantastic talent and need some help coming out there have an avenue to showcase their work. He believes that anyone who has a dream and passion can create beautiful art out of nothing, and he aims to help people accomplish those dreams.

Youssef Fawzi Doha Style

Connection with fans

Youssef has always adored people who like his music and has taken steps to interact with them more. He frequently tries to speak to his 40.1 thousand Instagram followers and give them the covers they want. In his minute mood series on Instagram, he often took suggestions from his fans so that he could create covers on the saxophone that they would love.

Following up with his passion for helping those with dreams to acquire whatever they put their hearts to, he introduced a series of sophomore classes. Here, he taught a series of people about the best ways to learn how to play the saxophone. He gave out all his tips and tricks and everything that he personally used to learn all of the beautiful talents that he has acquired over the years. He aims to continue to help people to the best of his ability with his abilities.

Youssef Fawzi Doha Style

Youssef Fawzi has managed to win the hearts of so many people with his immensely skilful method of playing the saxophone, his will to help people achieve their dreams and his wish for a closer relationship with people who admire him. He does and will continue to knock everyone off their feet as they enter a journey the very second that they hit play on any of his tracks. He aims to continue to make music like this and help others achieve their dreams while he’s at it.

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