Zanib Doha Style

Zanib – A Story Towards Self-Acceptance

Zanib showcases her stories through her impeccable multi-instrumental abilities. Apart from this, she is also a strong advocate for social justice and aims to educate people with her stage performances.

Zanib Doha Style

“No one can silence your voice when you are on stage,” Zanib said because her performances are her way of imparting messages across to the audience. She sees her music as a form of expression, merging people from various nationalities under a single roof while spreading the message of love and optimism across.

Her music has never been about garnering public attention to gain wealth – but rather to educate people. Growing up, she was often ridiculed by her classmates, owing to her Muslim heritage. However, now she takes pride in who she is and tries her best to spread information regarding her culture and other cultures. She believes that it is important to raise awareness and accept people for who they are. The only safe space that has helped her succeed in this noble mission is through her music and her mesmerizing presence on the stage. “Our differences shrink the more we are able to realize we are sharing the same space, same sounds, and same energy,” Zanib has stated in the past. Her music is a blend of keys, violin, vocals, and the ukulele that has helped her get her message across, calling for acceptance, embracement, and tolerance towards others. Moreover, she is also engaged in original production and composition, which further aid her in propagating her message.

Zanib Doha Style

Salam – Her Journey

Towards the end of 2017, Zanib debuted with her first album, “Salam,” calling it the “peace” she could find. The album that consists of 7 songs pays an ode to her cultural roots firmly embedded in her Afro-Nubian identity. That album paved the path for her to embark on a journey that focuses on spread peace, unity, and the beauty of artistic creation. Salam has been her way of delivering her story to the world; genuine experiences, emotions, and heartfelt devotion towards music have helped Salam a true masterpiece in Zanib’s music career.

A Movement To Freedom

Having worked at the University of Denver for three years in various departments, she has performed for the African Awareness Week Cultural Celebration to provide an insight into the awe-inspiring African culture. She has also spoken at the Diversity Summit hosted by the University of Denver, where she explained how her music had weaved a platform for promoting social justice and awareness.

Furthermore, at Youth on Record, Denver, she was featured on an album, “We will rise.” Here the words to the youth were very clear. It was a call to rise from the ashes as a phoenix does and to defy every form of incarceration that they had experienced.

Additionally, at the 5280 Teen Summit, she was crucial in encouraging the youth to “express and live their truest selves.” Zanib has always believed in originality and being true to oneself. This is perhaps the biggest reason why she can influence people from every demographic. Be it an 18-year-old or a 50 year- old, her music is not restricted to any age group or gender but is a universal message for everyone to explore themselves.

Zanib Doha Style

Freedom Waves – An Inclusive Ideology

Zanib is the proud founder and CEO of Freedom Waves. She has successfully built a movement that encompasses the good in people by identifying what it is they love and then using that as a strength to promote betterment for society as a whole. The movement itself aims to change the world by delivering strong, heartfelt messages of love and peace. Zanib uses passion found deep within herself to help move the world and people around her towards a more positive outlook.

Coming from an ethnically diverse background, she has made great strides in portraying herself as an advocate of justice, love and peace and wishes to use her talent and artistic medium to spread a message of hope to anyone who wishes to listen.

Surpassing Boundaries

In 2018, Zanib released an upbeat single called “Freedom Vibes,” where she gloriously transmits the message for liberation. Freedom from the past confines, any toxicity in relationships, and any social constructs are limiting success. She stressed embracing one’s true self.

During her song, she says, “reach up to the sky and spread my wings I’m flying high”, perhaps a metaphor that propagates her aim further – to spur global consciousness, awareness, and activism.

Every Action Counts

Zanib has tried to reach people through her music, artistry, collaborations, and her education. She has always tried to uplift society in every way possible.

Being fond of public speaking, she has expanded her artistic views to the classrooms too. Metropolitan State University invited her to express her opinions regarding how music can be used as a weapon to encourage collective healing. All of this alone demonstrates the power Zanib has to make a difference for the better in the world.

Zanib Doha Style

How The Pandemic Has Shaped Zanib?

For seven months while being quarantined in Saudia Arabia, Zanib has written unique songs using the violin while songwriting and producing her songs.

After Salam, Desert Season has been Zanib’s second compilation, written and performed by her during her seven month trip in Middle East North Africa (MENA). This compilation calls for exploration while being quarantined in a foreign country. It is a blend of culture, realizations, nostalgia, and growth reflected vividly throughout this compilation.

While Zanib’s desire to play the violin stemmed from her brother’s introduction to this musical instrument, there is no doubt that she is a very compelling artist. She is exemplary for every person, whether male or female that they have the power to free themselves. Marginalization, racial injustice, and suppression have persisted long since Zanib’s childhood. However, she has never given up despite the hardships she has had to face due to her culture and beliefs.

Her best friend, Monica, has also played a pivotal role in inspiring her as an artist. Monica has encouraged Zanib to tap into her energy and be herself rather than

living somebody else’s life. She has taught Zanib to be unique and take pride in her identity.

Zanib uses her voice to motivate the youth, to help them break cultural barriers and stereotypes. She doesn’t pay heed to publicity but the betterment of society.

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