Zheimer Band

Zheimer Band: A Band Like No Other!

In 2018, a group of six young and talented ladies at Ahfad University for Women met and discovered their mutual love for art that brought them closer than they had ever thought they could be. They all had different majors and different interests. Still, their love for music and intense passion for art and performing in the music room of a UW University pulled them exceptionally close. Once they were familiar with each other, they decided to form a band that ended up becoming a favorite of many at Ahfad University for Women. Today, they continue their journey to produce beautiful music for people that make them feel wonderous as the tunes touch their soul.

  • Manar Abbas babiker
  • Ruba basher hakem
  • Anda kamal yousif
  • Hanadi Fadlalla Dafalla
  • Omnia abd alazez Almubark
  • Mahasin Hamdan Eisa

The formation:

In the music room at UW University, the girls would often get together and perform for any audience who wanted to listen. They were always under the wing of the head of the music teacher of Ahfad University for Women, Mr. mamdouh Tahir Fared. He identified the wonderous talent each of these girls possessed and helped them discover what they truly possessed. Once they realized what they are actually capable of, they began their journey on the road to inevitable success. All they needed was that push from their music teacher, and their melodious voices and love for music and art did the rest.

Turbulences and Aspirations:

The members are mere University students and are pretty young in the music industry’s competitive world, but that didn’t stop them. They successfully manage to keep a balance between their school and music by leading a good academic life and also producing a series of perfect melodies on multiple stages of the new course of passion their hearts decided to follow. Of course, it wasn’t an easy task. But here they are, three years after their formation, and the Zheimer band has never ceased to perform wonderfully.

Every single performance results in a massive crowd of people dancing and singing along to their melodious tunes. This is what they aim to accomplish with every performance. They hope to continue helping people find their love for music with the beautiful songs and melodious voices they produce. Regardless of the obstacles at hand, Zheimer band continuous to overcome everything that comes their way and continues their great and successful journey full of joy, pleasure, and thrill.


Successful Ventures

Within the short amount of time since its formation, the Zheimer band has managed to steal numerous hearts and continues to do so today. Every time they perform on stage, they feel the most alive and happy, and these feelings are channeled into the hearts of all those listening in the crowd. There isn’t one person who is seen swaying to their voices or dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Performances like these are what make something successful for the girls.

Whether they’re rocking out on stage or expressing themselves on social media, they never cease to amaze. To the Zheimer band, true success lies in the happiness and joy that their music brings to the people, and ever since their formation, they have managed to introduce these feelings to everyone in the crowd. They continue to perform as much as they can on stage and upload multiple recordings on social media as well because they want to grab every opportunity they can at doing what they love together.


Dedication to Fans

Although their time together has been short, the beautiful and talented ladies from Zheimer band have managed to accumulate a large number of fans and followers over these three years. This vast number of people may seem overwhelming, but each and every single individual is immensely important to each girl in the band. They know that they wouldn’t have been able to reach the position they are at now if it weren’t for all those people rooting for them and making them feel as if their voices are like no other. They give them the feeling that their music really is uplifting as it manages to curate emotions that touch a listener’s soul. It is because of this that they are active on social media and attempt to give their audience what they want.

A lot of people expected Zheimer band to be just another band a bunch of University students put together, but Mr. Monduh Tahir Fared knew that his plans would prove otherwise. Today, this idea is an abomination as the girls have proven their true worth by a large amount of positive response they get from their fanbase that continues to grow every single day. Regardless of how far they have come, they never put their education aside and continue to work on both simultaneously even though it is a challenging job. These girls have proven that anyone can go ahead and achieve their dream regardless of what other people say. They have become an inspiration to women worldwide and role models to young female singers who have similar visions of their own. Zheimer band aims to continue to grow and prosper by bringing beautiful music for everyone that touches them in ways no other artist has before. Despite the obstacles that may have tried to challenge the band, they have stayed strong as the journey goes on because the aim is always high, and the limit is the sky.

The Instagram Page of the band: @zheimerband

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